How to handle today’s world and not go crazy

I started writing tonight at 8pm. It isn’t that great of a start, yet it is better than 9pm. ‘Tis now 8:30 since I started watching YouTube about Skara Brae and the Vatican City. I can’t visit these places so I may as well watch them. Welcome to July. I’m wondering what 2020 shall bring. Some may say not to say that and jinx us. Though who are we kidding? Hast thou saw the past six months? I don’t know about you but I’m rooting for aliens this month to introduce themselves. Lol. I miss the X-Files. I haven’t written […]

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I shouldn’t start writing this late…

‘Tis 9pm, so am I going to finish this post before I go to bed? No! Because I like to sleep too much. And don’t be me and start a sentence with the word “because” or “and.” Book 16 of the Dresden Files comes out in a few weeks and I’m not even done with book 6. /sigh. Another reason that I shall not finish this post tonight is my girls, all of a sudden, need my attention every 5 seconds. Now, I have been sitting here for the last few hours doing absolutely nothing but playing Skyrim and watching […]

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Quarantine quest

Good evening ladies and gentlefolk. I have been watching so many history videos on YouTube. I think I have learned more in these past few months than I have during my whole school years. Much of it has been the 17th to 19th centuries. I should start going into the 20th and 21st centuries. Last night we watched the movie, Jojo Rabbit. It was very interesting. So naturally I had to find the book that it was based upon… Christine Leunens’s Caging Skies. I looked it up in our county library and have it on hold in the e-book format. […]

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Cinco de Mayo!

Here I am again. Spending another night seeking for productivity. I believe that is one of my anxieties…not being productive enough. On the other hand; it is the evening and Cinco de Mayo. We celebrate this day with tacos! Or in my case: a taco. I want to eat all the sides that have come with this Cinco de Mayo dinner so I hesitate to eat more than one taco. Edit: I had two tacos. They were small. I didn’t finish my tacos and couldn’t finish my sides. I ate a taco and a half, few spoonfuls of refried beans, […]

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Mind boggling

Psychology has always been an interest of mine. I have taken classes in it just for the fun of learning more about the subject. I can’t help but analyze people. Whether I care to or not, it is second nature to analyze someone. It can just creep into my head at odd moments when I’m playing a video game or watching a movie. Even when the subject is someone that I wouldn’t necessarily care about analyzing, I may end up doing just that. We are in a weird time. Which, by all counts, shouldn’t even be thought of as being […]

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Being a GenX-er, I’d think that I was trained in the art of laying around the house and entertaining myself. I have found myself getting bored lately. I never really knew what that felt like. I mean, sitting down and reading or even organizing my dresser drawers, is cool with me. I like the task of organizing and cleaning at times. This Covid19 thing, that is interrupting the world, is a whole other level. I’m an introvert, a self-proclaimed hermit. I should have no problems with staying home and away from people. Heck, I have practiced social distancing for years. […]

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