Rough week

I write so many notes in my Evernote on thoughts, ideas and feelings going around in my head but I don’t always get them in here in writing. I’m happy that I had an actual chance/time to play Final Fantasy xiv last Friday. I did a quick level 50 dungeon with a bunch of sprouts (noobs). It’s always the noobs that ask if I can raise them. As a red mage in a level 50 dungeon, I can’t do crap but go pew pew pew and hit the monster with my sword. I can’t even heal myself at that level. […]

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Waiting for hockey.

I refuse to type a whole post on my phone. I can but I don’t wanna! Haha. I will try and post again anon. That is one of my goals. To write more often. Hopefully on a computer or something with an actual keyboard. So here are my posts today that I had written while waiting for the hockey games. Written in Colorado Springs, posted in Pueblo. Lol.

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I feel we are only interested in the weather during the Winter

I’m back home! Well, from my last trip and I have yet put those pics up online! Go me! The snow has melted. Why? Can you stay for a little bit? At least for the Winter so we only have one session of mud in the beginning of Spring? Snow, sun, mud. Snow, sun, mud. Just stick with snow and we will get to the mud when Spring comes so it will dry up faster. I don’t like dragging mud into my car. Or reverting to my younger years where I had to take my shoes off before coming into […]

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Colorado, Hockey, and Snooze

Tuesday, November 26, 2019… Oh my, it’s almost Thanksgiving. For some reason, hockey likes to have tournaments around Thanksgiving. So we are leaving for Colorado tomorrow. I have this program, Grammarly, it’s pretty cool. Although it has made me lazy with my typing. No worries about typos and grammatically incorrect sentences! Just keep typing and the program will insist that you correct your damn mistake. LOL. “Yes, yes, I know I spelled that wrong. I’ll get back to you later.” It’s pretty easy to know where your mistake is, cause they have it annoyingly highlighted. I think technology has made […]

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It may pass like a kidney stone, but hard times will pass.

Ok, not sure what I should write about. I have been reading this book, Automate the Boring Stuff with Python, to learn more about Python (again, the language). Doing so in a very active ice skating/hockey rink is pretty hard. There are 4 birthdays going on here right now. I’m sitting next to one. My table is the only one with an outlet next to it. Alexis is at one of the birthday parties. She is skating with her friends before hockey practice, then her friend’s mom will pick her up and take her to her friend’s house. Alex, who […]

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Panic attack

I dropped off Karissa at school and stopped at Starbucks to study my Python. My anxiety is so high. I’m not sure I can stay here much longer to study. I’m trying to focus. Trying to focus on slowing down my breathing. I’m safe. I know I’m safe but my brain doesn’t want to believe me. I ordered a Jade Citrus hot tea with honey and a cinnamon-raisin bagel. It is helping my stomach, now if my breathing would slow and my focus would just concentrate on coding. Hearing aids are off. Headphones on and some nice, quiet instrumental music […]

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