18 going on…

I think one of the hardest transitions in life may be the transition from childhood to adulthood. One day you are 17 and the next, you are 18 and legally an adult. Although mentally you are still a kid. Watching Karissa trying to adjust and seeing her nervousness, I try not to take over and just do things myself. Yesterday she had to sign a medical paper. Today she had to speak to the financial aid person at the community college. I could see that she so wanted to give me back the phone, but she is 18 and the lady wanted to speak to her. Which is understandable on her end. Karissa wants me to handle things, which is understandable on her part. I find myself trying to balance helping without taking over. Much like her dad, talking to others isn’t hard for her. She got on the phone and just started talking. I, on the other hand, spent 15 minutes calming myself and prepping myself for making phone calls. I have to have the script in my head.

I did ask her the other night why she is still going to bed at 9 pm when she doesn’t really have a bedtime anymore. I don’t want her up all night but she doesn’t have to be in bed by 9. “I’m tired and need sleep.” Ok, I can’t argue with that. The other day she went to the local amusement park with her friend. I asked what time she will be done so we can pick her up. She wanted to be picked up at 6. Her friends were still there a bit longer but she said she has been out all day and wanted some time at home before bed. I’m glad she is still pretty grounded given that she has more freedom now.

So, Karissa has applied for college. Crazy thing was that she filled out the application online months ago and didn’t submit it. I asked her today if she applied: “I filled it out.” Alright, I’ll give her half credit for that. She has an appointment with financial aid and with the disability resource center. After we hear back about the application we will set up her new student orientation. I’m excited and nervous for her at the same time, but I know she will be just fine.

Wow, it’s already 3:30? Where did the day go? Another thing, I still have winter wallpaper up. It’s snowing somewhere, right? I don’t want to change the snowy wallpaper.

I hope everyone is having a good summer so far. 🙂