It’s 10 pm and I’m feeling very sleepy.  Some nights I can revert back to my night owlness that I had when I was younger. Though now, I’d just rather go to bed. Typing when I’m falling asleep is interesting. I keep slipping in and out of consciousness. I keep losing my train of thought. I just slipped back into sleep and came out as the Kings were in the midst of their McFlurry minute.. the last minute of the second period… where if they make a goal, the folks in the stadium get a free McFlurry. I’m guessing this does not happen very often. I’m sure there is some probability formula that can calculate how many times a hockey team can possibly make a goal within the last minute of the second period so everyone can get a McFlurry. Also, what happens if McDonald’s were to ever discontinue the McFlurry?

What was I talking about? Oh, yes, the night owl in me doesn’t really make an appearance anymore. I really do need to get to bed. It’s getting,  much harder to write since I keep falling asleep.

Good night all. 🙂