From not feeling the pain of my ear drops in my ears. From not remembering much of anything between 12:15 till now. I was in the library. Now I’m sitting at a table in front of the library eating yogurt. I’m in bit of a daze. I don’t remember buying the yogurt, but I had to.. Cause I have the end result of eating it. I remember still shots of being in the cafe, still shots of color which I suppose were people, still shots of watching myself walk around and then sitting at this table.
I don’t see myself anymore. The brain fog has lifted a bit. I feel more like myself. I can feel the heat from the sun, which is being a bit irritating. 2:04pm. So, what I was studying from 12 and on will have to be re-studyed. 67 degrees, why am I wearing my sweater still? Taking the sweater off, scratching my arms, stretching my legs, one more look around as I ground myself.
I am here. I need to walk back to the library, out of the sun. Not happy that I need to restudy a few hours of work, but that’s ok.