Always check your laptop’s battery level

My laptop is dead. I forgot the last place I was using my laptop was at the rink that didn’t have a free outlet so it died. I’m again at a place with no outlet. Oh well. I will write on my phone. I guess ‘type’ is more the word I’m looking for.

I’m at the Lovelace Hospital. I had to see my Hematologist for my anemia. I need to take an iron tablet on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. I’m sitting in the cafeteria waiting for my ride. I told Tom that I didn’t feel like driving today so I was dropped off. Except for my laptop, I have my notebook and pencil for drawing and my external battery for my phone. Pb&j and water and I bought a Pepsi Zero. I’m set.

The cafeteria here is nice. Medium sized. Lots of tables. I may go outside later to enjoy the outdoors. The atmosphere here is lively and happy. It’s nice.

I should write down what I want to write about. When I log onto here, my mind is blank on what I wanted to talk about.

The high school had an open house yesterday. The maze of halls was just confusing. Haha. Lexi is in a few clubs. What is the ‘Interact Club?’ I’m happy to see her wanting to ‘interact.’ Haha. She is tutoring math also.

Hockey season is starting soon. I think I’m ready. Lol.

Karissa starts school in September. I had her call her college to make a counselor and disability services appointment for her upcoming semester. I wonder what we can do to help her with calls? I mean, she is half deaf and can’t always hear well enough in her right ear to talk to the person on the other end. Text is actually the best for her.

I’m getting kind of cold inside. Maybe I will take a walk outside.

Have a great weekend everyone! 😀