Always remember

After a near-accident on the way to bringing Karissa to school, (never try to cross traffic on a very busy multi-lane street kids, especially when you can’t see me.. your oncoming traffic), I’ve decided to sit down for a few and relax. I’m glad I was going slow since we were coming up on a red light. She was moving perpendicular to my car. Why, I ask, would anyone put themselves in that situation? Did you really need to be in my lane so badly that you risk yourself?

It’s not worth it, folks.

I posted this, this morning on my FB page:

As I hugged Alexis and Chris and waved them off to school at sunrise. I then turned off the light in the girls’ room, but not before watching Karissa sleep peacefully. Herself knowing that she has a few more hours to sleep before needing to get ready for her day. I then walked to the boys’ room and woke up Alex for school.

I couldn’t help thinking how quiet and uneventful the morning is. This morning. No planes crashing, no burning buildings, no one jumping to their death. Karissa is the only kid in the house that was around 18 years before. Though she was asleep in her crib with no memory of today that happened many years in the past. She has no memory of her dad passing away just 7 months after coming back from that war.

I’m happy that today is peaceful. However, we will never forget that day. Today, 18 years ago.

I hope the rest of my day and everyone else’s day is peaceful.

Karissa is in charge of music as we go to her school. I don’t really mind what kind of music is flowing through those speakers. Just give me some music to listen to. Unless you plan to talk the entire way…

Her playlists are interesting. From 90s to current music. From country to rap. Even had the Beegees “Staying Alive” in one of her playlist mixes.

I have just finished reading a book by Kathryn Hughes, The Key. It’s pretty good. Some of the writing seemed rushed, especially towards the end. Not sure why because the book isn’t that particularly long. It is set in an old insane asylum around the late 1950s and parallel with modern time. Of course it had a love story in it, because of course.

The current book I’m reading by the same author, The Letter, (I’m seeing a pattern here), I started reading after I read that many who commented on the last book I read, liked this book. It’s a bit harder of a read. It contains domestic violence, which I won’t lie, I did skim over those texts. It was too hard for me to go there. I’m hoping the rest of the book will be less stressful and maybe I can finish this book.

The high schoolers are out in around an hour. Which means I best be going since I’m picking them up. I need to go past the town we live in, into the next town. #countrylife? Alexis has therapy. Chris just doesn’t want to take the bus home and willing to wait the hour for Lexi to be done.

I have my Kindle.

Be peaceful everyone!