My head has been so awful these past few days. My head just wants to play every bad thought and memory. Intrusively so. It’s hard to keep my sanity when my anxiety is so high. Sensory overload. I hope tomorrow is better. I do have a therapy appointment tomorrow. Sometimes I think with the therapy appointments, they do bring many things up to the surface, which makes my days difficult.

I was shooting hockey pucks with Tom yesterday. I had to use Lexi’s left-handed stick cause it just felt more comfortable for me. I’m right-handed and so was Kevin. Both my girls are left-handed. My parents are left-handed. I don’t recognize myself as an ambidextrous, though sometimes I wonder cause I use my left hand either as equally or more than I use my right hand. Unless my mom did what was done to her when she was a child, although it would be a weird thing to do in the States. My mom was born left-handed. Though in the Philippines the left hand is considered the dirty hand, or maybe more so in the past. Her parents had her use her right hand. She writes right-handed but does everything with her left. She never said anything to me about what hand I started using as a kid. Maybe I was a left-hander or just an ambidextrous.