Blueberry iced tea, Linux, and organization…

I created a few Linux web servers and I destroyed them. All in the name of practice. I’m becoming a little more familiar with it. In a way, I’m liking CentOS distribution just a little bit more than Ubuntu. Only because CentOS is more newbie friendly. Sometime I will point this domain over to a web server that I created.

I’m sitting in Starbucks now just watching Tommy study and other people drinking iced coffee. I have my iced blueberry black tea cause it’s awesome.

I have been having organization problems for so long. I’m still trying to get everything settled. I missed appointments last week. I have six weeks of Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays clear since I need to drive Chris to hockey camp in the city. Somehow I didn’t have a few other appointments written down. Then I scheduled the plumber over those appointments and went to sleep after that cause I’m sleep deprived and my anemia makes me tired. One of the appointments was able to schedule later that day though I had Tom’s truck, which I’m not comfortable driving long distances and it was pretty late in the evening. So I have to reschedule those. I just feel overly tired and exhausted right now. Tomorrow I have free. I’m taking Lexi to the city so she can go ice skating. Chris is at camp for this week.

I received a new Fitbit for my birthday. 🙂 I want to incorporate this into being organization tool for me. Along with helping me lose weight. I currently have a planner/bullet journal. I do love using the bullet journal. I like the old school writing on paper. I like doodling and drawing so I like using a pen and paper. Although it isn’t always the most practical for me. I want to keep the bullet journal, but for my appointments, I think I will put them in my calendar on my phone. My calendar syncs up with my Fitbit, which can also remind me of upcoming events.

Hopefully, this can help me remember appointments. I feel so frazzled and overwhelmed most of the time. Zoning out. It’s hard to focus. I want to get back into my past hobbies… drawing, and scrapbooking though it’s hard when I keep zoning. Keeping in touch with friends, I think about that. Then the day turns to night and I have not texted anyone. So I say that I will do it tomorrow. Tomorrow comes. Lather, rinse, repeat.

In other news, I have the draft to Lexi’s birth story sitting on here for months that I should now finish.

In other, other news, the new expansion early access release of Final Fantasy XIV came out Friday. How in the world are some already at level 80 and done with the main scenario quests?! I played for a few hours on Friday evening and I made it to level 71. I did a dungeon, leveled my red mage, unlocked the Dancer and Gunblade jobs and was getting tired and couldn’t go on and had to quit for the night. I haven’t been back on yet. Everyone has been good and not giving spoilers, so I have to give them credit for that. 🙂

In other, other, other news, I have purple hair. I love the shade. I love coloring my hair, but I’m shy. So the attention I receive from having purple hair makes me feel awkward.

In other, other, other, other news, I’m going to refill my blueberry iced tea and finish Lexi’s birth story.