Books and stuff…

I have four books on hold right now: The Alice Network, The Great Alone. The Women in the Castle, and Ready Player One. Since I have to wait for those, I chose to read The Paris Key since I could read it now. Oh, I borrow books from the library… check them out, they go straight to my Kindle and I can start reading immediately… once they have the book available. I think that is the coolest thing ever. This did not even exist when I was a kid. Although I do still like the feel of reading a physical book, I would have enjoyed a Kindle when I was a kid.

This post won’t be a long one. Considering that it’s almost time for bed and since I have a new book to read, I want to read that. I did start reading Ready Player One, although I checked it out for one of the kids to read and it’s due, so I need to return it. The font size is pretty small. Not that it’s unreadable, I just like it to be a bigger font. So I put it on hold as an ebook.

I haven’t been too busy lately. I have downloaded a new Linux book onto Safari and I started working with that in a test environment. I have another appointment with the bank on Thursday to talk about putting Karissa’s settlement money into a trust or something like that. I’m in the process of obtaining my dad’s death certificate to become the new custodian of the girls’ Coverdell education account. I do wonder why my mom didn’t just change herself into being the new custodian of the accounts since she has been so protective (controlling?) of those accounts, naming herself the custodian since my dad passed away.

My head is trying to block things out this month. Every time I see what the date is, I’m “surprised.” As today, I see the date is the 9th and I think, “Oh, two more days.” I have been doing that all this month. Counting down to the 11th. I’m not sure if my head is blocking things out, or I may be dealing with Kevin’s death anniversary better. It’s still hard but it does seem to get better each year. Part of me feels that I should already be, I guess ok, I’m not sure what the term “ok” would even mean right now. I do know that he just wants me to be happy and I probably should be happy. I do know he has been around since Karissa mentioned this morning that she saw a tall shadow last night. She has always been able to “see” him. I can sense energies but I can’t “see” anything. Many times I just sum up these energies as myself being crazy and I just move on.

I should start this book now, The Paris Key. I think it’s a happy book. Better be a happy book. Ya know, I haven’t even finished the Hunger Games series yet. Maybe I will do that next. Come to think of it, I haven’t finished the Harry Potter series yet. I started reading that series when Lexi was 3.