Why did you stop wearing makeup?

I stopped wearing the little makeup I was already wearing years ago. About ten years ago. I didn’t want to stop wearing it. Although I’m not that great at applying it, I love makeup. I love all things beauty. Especially skin care since my skin is as dry as the Sahara Desert. I try not to be shy about my interests, but that is the way it is. I didn’t stop wearing makeup because I was shy. I was asked kind of recently on why I stopped wearing makeup. As in I just wash my face, moisturize and slap on […]

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Autumn makes my skin itch

I sit down to write and I’m looking for anything to distract me. Right now I’m watching my ferrets play. It’s the same when I’m studying. As for the moment, I have taken up Python. The programming language. Coding is fun. Though it is a pain in the backside at times. It’s pretty warm outside for Fall. At least for here in New Mexico. Last year we had snow already. I just feel like this warmth is going to bring us a big snow storm soon. I love snow. Digging cars out of the snow, me not love so much. […]

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Gillette Venus® #ChooseToSmooth #GotItFree

I really need to start writing more. Many things have gone on that has kept me from writing. Mostly studying for my A+ certification. More on that later. I have been using Influenster for about four years now, though due to unfortunate circumstances I have never been able to really get involved with it. If anyone doesn’t know what Influenster is, it is a website/app that one can review products. The more active you are, you can receive what is called a “Vox Box” of different products to where you can test and  review them as you wish or advertise them on social […]

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