Being a GenX-er, I’d think that I was trained in the art of laying around the house and entertaining myself. I have found myself getting bored lately. I never really knew what that felt like. I mean, sitting down and reading or even organizing my dresser drawers, is cool with me. I like the task of organizing and cleaning at times. This Covid19 thing, that is interrupting the world, is a whole other level. I’m an introvert, a self-proclaimed hermit. I should have no problems with staying home and away from people. Heck, I have practiced social distancing for years. […]

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My mind is led astray

Hello! This seems like a slow week. Which is nice. I’ll be going to Colorado again this weekend. I believe this is my third or fourth weekend in a row going to Colorado. I almost feel like we should move to Colorado during the hockey season. Heh. Gosh, last weekend was Alexis and me alone. Ya know that phrase, ‘curiosity killed the cat’? We all know not to go searching for more info. Well, that is especially something that I should never do. Specifically when it has to do with someone being hurt or in need of medical attention. Not […]

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Hello, Colorado

I’m sitting here at the ice rink’s bar, having a Diet Pepsi waiting for Alexis’s game at 2. We had a 12:45 call time for their team pictures. I bought a kid’s meal of a grilled cheese sandwich and fries. Not because it was very cheap, yet because I hast the appetite of a 10 year old. This is a big sandwich and frankly not sure I shall be able to finish this. I did my rounds of saying hi to all the parents and coaches and settled down to write for a bit. It’s not always that I don’t […]

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I’m procrastinating

I have trouble believing merely neurotypical people exist. When you are hungry; you eat. When you are sleepy; you sleep. Where the brain does not require so much effort to realize these things. The brain just… works. There is no Dedicated Screaming Hour? My brain is much like a crafts room. What be quite literally the opposite of what I like my surroundings to be like. I would like to be minimalistic. I feel like I have too much stuff to acquire that. Getting rid of things is tricky. I must do so in a way that others do not […]

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I feel we are only interested in the weather during the Winter

I’m back home! Well, from my last trip and I have yet put those pics up online! Go me! The snow has melted. Why? Can you stay for a little bit? At least for the Winter so we only have one session of mud in the beginning of Spring? Snow, sun, mud. Snow, sun, mud. Just stick with snow and we will get to the mud when Spring comes so it will dry up faster. I don’t like dragging mud into my car. Or reverting to my younger years where I had to take my shoes off before coming into […]

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Colorado, Hockey, and Snooze

Tuesday, November 26, 2019… Oh my, it’s almost Thanksgiving. For some reason, hockey likes to have tournaments around Thanksgiving. So we are leaving for Colorado tomorrow. I have this program, Grammarly, it’s pretty cool. Although it has made me lazy with my typing. No worries about typos and grammatically incorrect sentences! Just keep typing and the program will insist that you correct your damn mistake. LOL. “Yes, yes, I know I spelled that wrong. I’ll get back to you later.” It’s pretty easy to know where your mistake is, cause they have it annoyingly highlighted. I think technology has made […]

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