Cinco de Mayo!

Here I am again. Spending another night seeking for productivity. I believe that is one of my anxieties…not being productive enough. On the other hand; it is the evening and Cinco de Mayo. We celebrate this day with tacos! Or in my case: a taco. I want to eat all the sides that have come with this Cinco de Mayo dinner so I hesitate to eat more than one taco. Edit: I had two tacos. They were small. I didn’t finish my tacos and couldn’t finish my sides. I ate a taco and a half, few spoonfuls of refried beans, […]

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Being a GenX-er, I’d think that I was trained in the art of laying around the house and entertaining myself. I have found myself getting bored lately. I never really knew what that felt like. I mean, sitting down and reading or even organizing my dresser drawers, is cool with me. I like the task of organizing and cleaning at times. This Covid19 thing, that is interrupting the world, is a whole other level. I’m an introvert, a self-proclaimed hermit. I should have no problems with staying home and away from people. Heck, I have practiced social distancing for years. […]

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Hello, fellow quarantines! Remember when you came home after-school to an empty house? Ate a bowl of cereal and did your homework in front of the TV? I feel like that again. I actually had some thoughts on what I wanted to write. Thing is, this quarantine doesn’t bring out the creativity in me. Some random things… I learned that this Covid19 is a part of the Coronavirus strain. Coronavirus is not new, but this strain is new. When someone sneezes or coughs, droplets can hang in the air for up to three hours. I’m awesome at social distancing. My […]

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My mind is led astray

Hello! This seems like a slow week. Which is nice. I’ll be going to Colorado again this weekend. I believe this is my third or fourth weekend in a row going to Colorado. I almost feel like we should move to Colorado during the hockey season. Heh. Gosh, last weekend was Alexis and me alone. Ya know that phrase, ‘curiosity killed the cat’? We all know not to go searching for more info. Well, that is especially something that I should never do. Specifically when it has to do with someone being hurt or in need of medical attention. Not […]

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Hello, Colorado

I’m sitting here at the ice rink’s bar, having a Diet Pepsi waiting for Alexis’s game at 2. We had a 12:45 call time for their team pictures. I bought a kid’s meal of a grilled cheese sandwich and fries. Not because it was very cheap, yet because I hast the appetite of a 10 year old. This is a big sandwich and frankly not sure I shall be able to finish this. I did my rounds of saying hi to all the parents and coaches and settled down to write for a bit. It’s not always that I don’t […]

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Daily randomness

Having your kids on social media can be quite interesting. They will tweet or post something where they make a comment, complaint or asking for advice. Then I will feel compelled to text them answering their tweet or post. Sometimes I think they can deal with this on their own. Then I remember that their common sense ranges from various age levels and adjusted by their moods. I rarely ever respond to them on social media unless I feel I can interest them in a sarcastic comment. Then they ignore said sarcastic comment and I have to then text them […]

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