Always remember

After a near-accident on the way to bringing Karissa to school, (never try to cross traffic on a very busy multi-lane street kids, especially when you can’t see me.. your oncoming traffic), I’ve decided to sit down for a few and relax. I’m glad I was going slow since we were coming up on a red light. She was moving perpendicular to my car. Why, I ask, would anyone put themselves in that situation? Did you really need to be in my lane so badly that you risk yourself? It’s not worth it, folks. I posted this, this morning on […]

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Yes, I’m ok. I think…

Why do scones tend to be dry? Is this a thing? Why is this a thing? Yesterday’s mail included the high schoolers’ date and time they are to get their schedule. I’m excited for them. I also feel a bit more overwhelmed that school is about to start again. Not that this summer has been very relaxing. Haha. So they will have their schedules at the end of this month. Karissa has her college schedule for the Fall semester. Karissa’s back to school things are taken care of by her financial aid and I think I’ve already spent enough money […]

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Blueberry iced tea, Linux, and organization…

I created a few Linux web servers and I destroyed them. All in the name of practice. I’m becoming a little more familiar with it. In a way, I’m liking CentOS distribution just a little bit more than Ubuntu. Only because CentOS is more newbie friendly. Sometime I will point this domain over to a web server that I created. I’m sitting in Starbucks now just watching Tommy study and other people drinking iced coffee. I have my iced blueberry black tea cause it’s awesome. I have been having organization problems for so long. I’m still trying to get everything […]

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Mother dearest. Part II

I’m so confused right now. After my mom has told me that she doesn’t know/have my birth certificate… she called me up today. I didn’t get the call. Ok, I was scared to pick it up so I let the voicemail get it. In the voicemail, she said, “This is your mother, I mailed the package. Tracking number ‘bunch of numbers.’ Bye.” Um, ok, uh, thank you? I guess that it says something that she actually sent me my birth certificate. She didn’t say what the package is though I’m assuming her cryptic message means that she sent my birth […]

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Tuesday updates

It’s only 10 pm and I’m sleepy. Having a bit of an anxiety attack. Let’s see if I can just write it out. Heh, ride it out… write it out. I crack myself up! So I have been practicing with creating web servers on Linux lately. The first one I created, on CentOS 7, took me 5 hours to do. I documented what I needed to do after that. The second server I created took 20 minutes. I’d like to create one for a website, mostly this one, but I want to practice more. I created a web server on […]

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Hanging out in Starbucks

Apparently, I’m supposed to be blogging. Has anyone tried that Korean beauty routine? I’ve been reading about that to see if it would help with my very dry skin. Any thoughts? Yesterday was Karissa’s birthday. Really, I can’t believe that she is 19. It’s a crazy thought. Because we are pretty busy this weekend, we are celebrating tomorrow or Monday. I started that sentence with the word ‘because’ to see if the Grammarly app would notice and tell me that this is an incomplete sentence since there is only one clause. /sigh… Grammarly told me nothing of such sort. Well, […]

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