Hello, Colorado

I’m sitting here at the ice rink’s bar, having a Diet Pepsi waiting for Alexis’s game at 2. We had a 12:45 call time for their team pictures. I bought a kid’s meal of a grilled cheese sandwich and fries. Not because it was very cheap, yet because I hast the appetite of a 10 year old. This is a big sandwich and frankly not sure I shall be able to finish this. I did my rounds of saying hi to all the parents and coaches and settled down to write for a bit. It’s not always that I don’t […]

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Daily randomness

Having your kids on social media can be quite interesting. They will tweet or post something where they make a comment, complaint or asking for advice. Then I will feel compelled to text them answering their tweet or post. Sometimes I think they can deal with this on their own. Then I remember that their common sense ranges from various age levels and adjusted by their moods. I rarely ever respond to them on social media unless I feel I can interest them in a sarcastic comment. Then they ignore said sarcastic comment and I have to then text them […]

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Rough week

I write so many notes in my Evernote on thoughts, ideas and feelings going around in my head but I don’t always get them in here in writing. I’m happy that I had an actual chance/time to play Final Fantasy xiv last Friday. I did a quick level 50 dungeon with a bunch of sprouts (noobs). It’s always the noobs that ask if I can raise them. As a red mage in a level 50 dungeon, I can’t do crap but go pew pew pew and hit the monster with my sword. I can’t even heal myself at that level. […]

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I feel we are only interested in the weather during the Winter

I’m back home! Well, from my last trip and I have yet put those pics up online! Go me! The snow has melted. Why? Can you stay for a little bit? At least for the Winter so we only have one session of mud in the beginning of Spring? Snow, sun, mud. Snow, sun, mud. Just stick with snow and we will get to the mud when Spring comes so it will dry up faster. I don’t like dragging mud into my car. Or reverting to my younger years where I had to take my shoes off before coming into […]

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Colorado, Hockey, and Snooze

Tuesday, November 26, 2019… Oh my, it’s almost Thanksgiving. For some reason, hockey likes to have tournaments around Thanksgiving. So we are leaving for Colorado tomorrow. I have this program, Grammarly, it’s pretty cool. Although it has made me lazy with my typing. No worries about typos and grammatically incorrect sentences! Just keep typing and the program will insist that you correct your damn mistake. LOL. “Yes, yes, I know I spelled that wrong. I’ll get back to you later.” It’s pretty easy to know where your mistake is, cause they have it annoyingly highlighted. I think technology has made […]

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Always remember

After a near-accident on the way to bringing Karissa to school, (never try to cross traffic on a very busy multi-lane street kids, especially when you can’t see me.. your oncoming traffic), I’ve decided to sit down for a few and relax. I’m glad I was going slow since we were coming up on a red light. She was moving perpendicular to my car. Why, I ask, would anyone put themselves in that situation? Did you really need to be in my lane so badly that you risk yourself? It’s not worth it, folks. I posted this, this morning on […]

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