I’m still here

It has been a week since Lacy had to be put down. I’m still sad. I think I will be sad for a while. I still see her in the corner of my eye and imagine her running around in the field. It had happened so fast. As I look back I can think of one symptom she had shown. Though it was months ago and I didn’t know what dog it was from because they were all acting normal. Thing is, no one would have known except for if she had had a blood test. Either her red blood […]

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Dumating sa! Pagdali!

That is what my mom always would be yelling at me when she needs me to get moving. Of course, this is always what I hear when I need to be hurrying along. Of course, I never knew what exactly the English translation is, yet when my mom was screaming it at me, I just assumed I better get moving and then she’d calm down. So my assumption of the words were correct. Come on! Hurry up! The confusion lies in the fact that these are two different dialects. Dumating sa is Tagalog, while Pagdali is Cebuano. So, I keep […]

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Snow 1, car 0

My car is grounded. As in my Bug can’t make its way through the snow. My Bug got stuck twice in the snow yesterday. Twice. Both at home thankfully, though it is freezing outside to be digging my car out of the snow. Of course so many thoughts go through my head.. like my car would benefit from a lift kit. Which it totally would not because it absolutely defeats the whole cute Bug look and it does not matter if my car is higher off the ground. It would help some.. less chance of getting stuck maybe, though it […]

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