Living in a household with some extroverts, I have seen a common scenario. One would think that an extrovert living with an introvert would understand by now, but no.  As an introvert, I’m pretty quiet. Not talking or being alone doesn’t bother me. I don’t always feel like talking. I’m comfortable with being alone. I’m good at boring. I don’t really get bored.  Since I am quiet there has been instances where I will be in a room of people and being asked if something is wrong or if I’m mad because I’m not talking much. No, I’m just a […]

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Gillette Venus® #ChooseToSmooth #GotItFree

I really need to start writing more. Many things have gone on that has kept me from writing. Mostly studying for my A+ certification. More on that later. I have been using Influenster for about four years now, though due to unfortunate circumstances I have never been able to really get involved with it. If anyone doesn’t know what Influenster is, it is a website/app that one can review products. The more active you are, you can receive what is called a “Vox Box” of different products to where you can test and  review them as you wish or advertise them on social […]

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Pinterest and cards..

As I put up links I see I need to start working on some of these pages I have. Like that of Pinterest. I like Pinterest, I should start that thing. Since I’m still working on this thing, posts are going to be boring. Christmas cards. Must do them tomorrow.

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