Colorado, Hockey, and Snooze

Tuesday, November 26, 2019…

Oh my, it’s almost Thanksgiving. For some reason, hockey likes to have tournaments around Thanksgiving. So we are leaving for Colorado tomorrow.

I have this program, Grammarly, it’s pretty cool. Although it has made me lazy with my typing. No worries about typos and grammatically incorrect sentences! Just keep typing and the program will insist that you correct your damn mistake. LOL. “Yes, yes, I know I spelled that wrong. I’ll get back to you later.” It’s pretty easy to know where your mistake is, cause they have it annoyingly highlighted. I think technology has made me lazy with my writing.

Saturday, November 30, 2019…

Hello from Colorado! I feel that I needed to add the date since this has dragged on to another day. I do wonder why WordPress doesn’t have a way to easily change the font size rather than going to the HTML part of formatting. Ok, that is easy to do but not everyone knows HTML. Even I had to look a few things up because I never use the language.

Anywho, we are here in Colorado for Alex’s hockey tournament. It went.. alright. I feel the teammates forget that they are part of a team when they are on the ice. Each player starts going after the puck on their own with only one goal in mind instead of playing as a team… which would have better results.

I do like this hotel. We are in Westminster area of Denver. A few things that I didn’t like about the hotel was there was no microwave in the room. It made Thanksgiving a bit difficult. We did end up going to the View House in downtown. I had a brisket sandwich. Pictures later on my Instagram. It wasn’t traditional but it was fun and good food.

The hotel rooms are also set up more for a single person on a business trip rather than a family. The dresser was so small. It barely fit clothes for a few people. Other than that, this place was nice and they did their best to make everyone feel welcome. Oh, and their breakfast is pricey per person. We went to the store and bought milk and cereal.

Tomorrow we are meeting up with my Aunt Sharon and Uncle Gregg for breakfast at this place called Snooze. I’m excited to see them. I haven’t seen them in a bit. Then we will head home afterward. The drive home isn’t too bad. There are no games tomorrow so most of the team went home this morning after the last game.

I will have pictures up soon. I’m getting sleepy as I write this so I will stop here and post.

Till next time…