Daily randomness

Having your kids on social media can be quite interesting. They will tweet or post something where they make a comment, complaint or asking for advice. Then I will feel compelled to text them answering their tweet or post. Sometimes I think they can deal with this on their own. Then I remember that their common sense ranges from various age levels and adjusted by their moods. I rarely ever respond to them on social media unless I feel I can interest them in a sarcastic comment. Then they ignore said sarcastic comment and I have to then text them to ask if they had gotten my sarcastic response. Having kids is hard. Haha.

This distro I’m using for my Linux laptop. I can’t even remember what distro I’m using, hold on. Looked upon the terminal. Ubuntu. I’m using Ubuntu. Linux question: why is the command called ‘uname’ and not ‘lname’ since we are using Linux and not Unix? Ok, back to this distro… it seems to have a problem between wifi and Bluetooth being on at the same time. When I turn on the laptop, the Bluetooth has to be off for me to connect via wifi and then I can turn the Bluetooth on. Even so, after a short while, the wifi will disconnect and won’t connect again until I turn off Bluetooth.

This has to be a bug that I can or should report. Right?

My phone fell from the table here at the library. This has to be its 30th+ fall. It’s still ticking without any breakage. I just jinxed myself, didn’t I?

Been reading this: https://automatetheboringstuff.com/, for the better part of the day. My anxiety says I’m forgetting something. I have checked my calendar multiple times. I have even walked around the library to make sure there are students here cause I have been in this corner with no one around for three hours. I just had to make sure there were others here.

Oh! I gotta go pick up Kel from work. Later!