Daily randomness

Not feeling too well today. Getting better. Took iron today. I have taken iron pills on and off all my life. Never been anemic but occasionally have had low iron. Alexis is the same way. Although she had been anemic before. I have Colorado pictures and pics from Alexis’s play last night. I will put those up soon. Been so busy the past week that mentally I’m exhausted. So I drew up a mock bullet journal January intro and penguins. I need to journal more on my mental state. I’m supposed to journal down my moods and emotions and try to find (I couldn’t think of the word I was looking for) if it’s my PTSD, anxiety, Cyclothymia. To see if these moods, thoughts or emotion is a symptom of one of those.. just try to really focus on each individual changes. Also to be more aware of when I dissociate.

I also studied up on my A+; focusing on Electricity since that is the hardest part of the test for me. I have such a hard time remembering things. I will get this soon.