Dumating sa! Pagdali!

That is what my mom always would be yelling at me when she needs me to get moving. Of course, this is always what I hear when I need to be hurrying along. Of course, I never knew what exactly the English translation is, yet when my mom was screaming it at me, I just assumed I better get moving and then she’d calm down. So my assumption of the words were correct. Come on! Hurry up! The confusion lies in the fact that these are two different dialects. Dumating sa is Tagalog, while Pagdali is Cebuano.

So, I keep hearing this as I’m trying to write my paper. Dumating sa! Pagdali! It is getting annoying. Oo, ako ako nagtatrabaho sa aking papel. Salamat, balik balik.

Back to my paper..