Hanging out in Starbucks

Apparently, I’m supposed to be blogging.

Has anyone tried that Korean beauty routine? I’ve been reading about that to see if it would help with my very dry skin. Any thoughts?

Yesterday was Karissa’s birthday. Really, I can’t believe that she is 19. It’s a crazy thought. Because we are pretty busy this weekend, we are celebrating tomorrow or Monday. I started that sentence with the word ‘because’ to see if the Grammarly app would notice and tell me that this is an incomplete sentence since there is only one clause. /sigh… Grammarly told me nothing of such sort. Well, fine.

Oh! Karissa does not want a cake. She wants a big cookie. So basically we are going to make a giant cookie.

Hmm, what should I talk about? I’m in Starbucks right now with Tom… watching him study. I studied Linux a bit, though I started listening to music and I can’t do both at the same time. Too much, what is that word? Stimulation? Too many sensory things at one time. I can’t handle that. I tried a new drink today, an iced skinny mocha with one shot of espresso and almond milk. I like it. Tasted like chocolate milk.

Oh! I started Alexis’s birth story since I did Karissa’s. I haven’t finished it yet. I’m slow. Well, I procrastinate a lot. I can say that it is a symptom of my PTSD. Which it is. Then I’d be exaggerating since I have always procrastinated. I should do another ‘Oh!’

Oh! *I have to stop for a second as I try not to laugh too loud to myself in Starbucks* I’m going to see Garth Brooks in June with Kelly and Tom. Honestly, I haven’t listened to him very much but what I’ve heard. I like. I really like the road trip to Denver. We are taking another road trip this week to Dallas. I think it’s Dallas? Ok, to Texas for the Linux Fest. I love road trips when it isn’t every freaking weekend for the past three to four months as it is during the hockey season.

I have tried another journey to losing weight. I just don’t know how much weight I should lose. Maybe 30lbs? I think that would be good enough. That would put me at 110lbs; which I don’t feel I need to go any further than that. My PTSD, anxiety, dissociation makes all this difficult. Sometimes I’m good and I can get things done. Other days it just seems everything is out of control. I can’t count how many appointments I have missed… even when I have written them down! Organized, sure. Though it doesn’t always help when my head isn’t cooperating with any system I put into place. I have started writing more in my bullet journal and actually taking it with me so I can remember what I need to do. It’s frustrating when I need to constantly look at it to remember things. My brain just doesn’t want to remember anything.

Heh, I just looked at my phone. Backtrack first. I’m listening to Spotify on my iPad. When I just looked at my phone, I noticed that the Spotify app is open and showing me what song I’m listening to. Yes, it’s synced. I just thought that was cool. Small things make me laugh. Have you heard that song, Hey 3am by Olivia Lane? I heard that song on YouTube. I like it. Yes, Grammarly, stop telling me that 3 am has a space between them, I know.

I’m going to say this again. I should start writing more. Once a week? Is that a good start? I need topics to write about. Give me topics to write about!!

Alrighty, anxiety is setting and I feel I need to wrap this up. Till later. 🙂