Happy New Year!

First post of the new year. Now I need to remember to write 2018. I should have that down by July. I think Mother Nature forgot about us for winter. Somehow she is mad at the East coast for all the snow she has been dumping over there. It was in the 50’s here today. No snow in the forecast for us. This weekend Alexis has hockey in Pueblo, CO. With our Christmas break I feel slow in getting back to our normal routine.

It’s crazy that it’s 2018. This means that my little Karissa turns 18 this year. It really seems a bit surreal. I still remember being in Oklahoma and getting ready for her birth. Getting everything we needed. Getting the house ready for her. My parents were on standby to visit whenever Karissa decided to come. Although, we didn’t know she was a girl yet. The army hospital has a policy of not saying the sex of the child till it is born. So we had two names picked out: Karissa Charlene and Aaron Jacob. She has come a long way. It’s hard to imagine her being 18.

🙂 Goodnight all