Hello, Colorado

I’m sitting here at the ice rink’s bar, having a Diet Pepsi waiting for Alexis’s game at 2. We had a 12:45 call time for their team pictures. I bought a kid’s meal of a grilled cheese sandwich and fries. Not because it was very cheap, yet because I hast the appetite of a 10 year old. This is a big sandwich and frankly not sure I shall be able to finish this. I did my rounds of saying hi to all the parents and coaches and settled down to write for a bit. It’s not always that I don’t want to see people. I want to see them strategically.

I hope everyone is doing well. These past few months have been a doozy. It seems like everyone has had one issue or another. Gosh, the high schoolers have had a crazy start of their second semester. First they lose two friends and now a beloved teacher has passed away. I pray for those kids. Life sometimes hits back harder than we’d like.

The hotel we are at is nice. The bathroom sink is at an unfortunate height. The top of the counter is at my chest. I feel short. Er.. shorter. I’ve never been out on a trip where it was just me and my kid. Never stayed at a hotel without another adult along with me. We caught a ride up here since Tom and Kel have hockey coaching and giving hockey rides respectively. It’s kind of scary. My anxiety was sky high yesterday. Though naught is expected of me today so it’s a primrose day.

Only one unfortunate event I have a gripe about is that Tom has access to the Dresden Files audio book that I crave to know what happens next. I think I’m on the fourth book. I have notes. I need them since I’m not reading, er listening to the book every day so I write things down to remember what is going on.

I can’t finish my food. I ate half a sandwich and some fries. Since other parents and coaches are sitting about around me, I think I’ll just wait a bit before I dispose of my meal. Maybe my stomach will be able to take in a little more food anon.

I zone when I’m writing. Minutes will go by as I stare at something, yet my mind is forgetting what I was doing. I’m now sitting at a table where Lexi’s game will be. Fifteen more minutes. I feel I should post pictures later. Maybe work on the front page of my blog. Write the profile I keep saying to myself that I will finish. Ok, posting now so I can watch the game. Go Mustangs!