I feel we are only interested in the weather during the Winter

I’m back home! Well, from my last trip and I have yet put those pics up online! Go me!

The snow has melted. Why? Can you stay for a little bit? At least for the Winter so we only have one session of mud in the beginning of Spring? Snow, sun, mud. Snow, sun, mud. Just stick with snow and we will get to the mud when Spring comes so it will dry up faster. I don’t like dragging mud into my car. Or reverting to my younger years where I had to take my shoes off before coming into the house. Though sometimes I think that it’s a pretty good system… especially when you have carpeted floors.

Totally random since I was just picking pieces of a granola bar out of my teeth…

I have a tooth, to when they took off my braces it became.. well, a lot of the stuff on the brace itself stuck to my tooth. My dentist recently has nicely chisled that tooth to be smooth and put that white coating stuff on. The process to where they use the black light on it. Well, she had trouble with it a little because it’s so close to the next tooth and she was trying to keep the coating separate from my other tooth. Well, I was flossing and using that kind of floss where a piece of floss is between this plastic piece so you don’t have to wrap floss around your fingers, cutting off your circulation. Don’t look at me like that, we’ve all done it. Well, the floss got stuck at the top between the two teeth. So there I am trying to pull this floss out and it’s hurting. Contemplating on using scissors to get it out and how much blood would emerge if I do use scissors and how stupid that idea would become if I did that. The floss finally comes out! Along with the white coating on my tooth.

It has been a month or so and I haven’t been to my dentist to tell her that her much detailed work has been killed by my intent of getting pieces of corn in the cob out of my teeth. I’m thinking January or February I will have enough time to get into the dentist. Speaking of dentist, I’m about out of antibiotics. I need to take four horsepills of antibiotics an hour before dental work because I’m an at-risk patient. Or I had heart surgery when I was five and they feel safer if I take antibiotics. They take my blood pressure before my appointment as well.

It makes me feel like I’m completely unwell or something. I remember hospital visits where I would be completely salty for being there instead of on the playground playing. “I’m sorry, you have to sit out from recess for a few weeks.” Watching my friends play as I sit there wanting to cuss out every adult that comes by. I do get it now that I’m an adult and one of my kids get sick. Sorry, Karissa is 19 and still my kid. That is just how it works. I want my kids to take it easy, take care of themselves. Wrap bubblewrap around them and keep them in a plastic bubble like Tod in that movie. Was that movie based on a true story? I’m not sure but I think it had John Travola in it.

Yeah… ya know, I’ve never seen Grease. And I have yet to finish the Harry Potter series and I have only watched one episode of Game of Thrones. I’m not finished with the Hunger Games either. I’m going to make 2020 the year of books and movies I have yet to read or see. According to my friends, who shake their head almost daily, I’ve been living under a rock. That is going to be such a long list of movies and books.

This week are home games. Which is very nice to be staying home. This is a ‘gluten’ weekend since Alex will be with Tom and Chris in Los Alamos and Telluride, Co. Unfortunately this means carb heavy because gluten equals carbs. I want to try not to eat so much carbs and I want to try not to overeat. I end up feeling sickly. Lexi only has two games this weekend. Such a light load compared to last week.

Oh! I have my rental car now while my Bug is getting fixed. It’s a VW Jetta. Cute car, bigger than my Bug. No turbo. I keep waiting for the turbo to kick in. Which never happens.

Ok, a granola bar isn’t even remotely a lunch. Gotta go search for food. <3