I shouldn’t start writing this late…

‘Tis 9pm, so am I going to finish this post before I go to bed? No! Because I like to sleep too much. And don’t be me and start a sentence with the word “because” or “and.” Book 16 of the Dresden Files comes out in a few weeks and I’m not even done with book 6. /sigh.

Another reason that I shall not finish this post tonight is my girls, all of a sudden, need my attention every 5 seconds. Now, I have been sitting here for the last few hours doing absolutely nothing but playing Skyrim and watching YouTube videos. They must wait until I’m doing something in order to properly bug me. I was going to play Animal Crossing, yet Alexis took the.. game cartridge? Game card? What do you call those little Switch game thingies? I have a blue Switch lite. So if anyone has a Nintendo account.. add me! Oh, friend code.. let’s see. *Goes off to look for it*        0659-6940-9004

I did not play https://overthewire.org/wargames/ today. I’m on number 31 on Bandit. Overthewire is like the game of capture the flag, but with Linux. The thing with Linux is that I feel inadequate in it. Like I always need to look things up. And I know that just about every job is like that from medical to technology. My dad after the Navy became an IRS agent. He audited small companies. Ya know, if you ever need tax advice you can call up the IRS. They give advice and all of it is free since they can’t charge you for that. Not saying that it is easy to actually get a person on the line when you call.. but that is another story. My dad had all these books. Some of it was from his classes on accounting and laws and such. I asked why he kept them and he said that he couldn’t possibly remember everything that he has learned and needed to go back for reference. So yes, rationally I know that I have imposter syndrome and much of what you learn in a job is on the job.

Gosh, I’m getting pretty tired and should be off to bed. Tomorrow I will write more about what I wanted to write about. I’ve been thinking a lot about the psychology of all’s that hath been happening these past few months. I swear when things go bad, we are just going to describe it in one word. 2020. I shall be back anon good folks.