I’m still here

It has been a week since Lacy had to be put down. I’m still sad. I think I will be sad for a while. I still see her in the corner of my eye and imagine her running around in the field. It had happened so fast. As I look back I can think of one symptom she had shown. Though it was months ago and I didn’t know what dog it was from because they were all acting normal. Thing is, no one would have known except for if she had had a blood test. Either her red blood cells were attacking or her bone marrow wasn’t producing any red blood cells. My thoughts are on the latter, especially since if her bone marrow was producing red blood cells, it would have taken care of, for the most part, the red blood cells. She needed a blood transfusion that day since she was dangerously low. She had already lost mobility. The tests needed would be around a thousand to start with and there was no guarantee that it would even work, that she would even get better. I couldn’t bear seeing her in pain anymore. It was heartbreaking and devastating all at once.

I should go get some food.

Ok, so I’m researching Agile Management. Much like project management.. it is project management. Just a different type of project management. Although we are going to use it for the house and organizing. I have some web pages up to learn how to make a project backlog. I have a good idea but I still like to have some sort of guide. I’ve done a traditional project management project before with a fictional restaurant. It was fun, although the information that needed organization was overwhelming. A real one may be a bit easier because we have more control over the processes. And from Kel’s reaction last night we may have to throw in risk management in the mix as well. I believe this can work. If everyone is on board and willing to do the work.

I need to get going. I need to pick up Karissa from school for her therapy and doctor appointment. Lexi had a therapy appointment today. Kel’s been worrying about Lexi’s love of being alone and introvertness. The therapist said Lexi is adorable and cannot see any underlying issues but will see her back a few more times if I like. I need to talk to the therapist more on my concerns because it is a concern that matches up Karissa’s reason for being at the therapist.