It may pass like a kidney stone, but hard times will pass.

Ok, not sure what I should write about. I have been reading this book, Automate the Boring Stuff with Python, to learn more about Python (again, the language). Doing so in a very active ice skating/hockey rink is pretty hard. There are 4 birthdays going on here right now. I’m sitting next to one. My table is the only one with an outlet next to it. Alexis is at one of the birthday parties. She is skating with her friends before hockey practice, then her friend’s mom will pick her up and take her to her friend’s house. Alex, who is in his second hockey practice of the day, has a game up in Rio Rancho at 8p tonight so we will be in the city for a while. Last night Chris had a game up in Los Alamos at 9p. No one really likes to sleep around her, do they? My life is all hockey until April.

Someone just commented on my laptop stickers. Well, the Linux stickers specifically. She invited me to check out the Linux Users Group. Hmm, cool. I’m so shy and awkward when I talk to strangers. Though, she didn’t seem to notice that I was feeling awkward.

Alexis now has her learner’s permit. She has practiced for 20 minutes so far yesterday and she has already gotten her first accident out of the way. Poor girl. I feel bad for her. Though, she feels she must be perfect at everything she does so she did take this pretty hard.

Early yesterday I took her out for driving practice. She was very nervous but doing alright, taking it slow. She wanted to head back to the house after a bit. She was making a left onto a road. It’s a dirt road in the middle of the country with no one around. She pushed the gas to go straight but she wasn’t able to straighten out the wheel fast enough, I think she let go of the wheel and the car jerked forward and she freaked out and hit the brakes. But the bush with the barbed wire fence was already there. It didn’t feel bad. The car hit a bush. I thought it would be scratched up at the most. Nothing to worry about. I had her back up so I can see what happened.

The damage looked so violent considering we weren’t going fast, about 10mph and it’s a bush with two thin barbed wired. There was a barbed-wire fence but we weren’t near the poles of the fence. I’m a bit disappointed in Volkswagen that such a little bump caused the car to fall apart so easily. Darn plastic car! Lol.

She is ok physically. She really frightened herself. I told her that it will be ok. The insurance is taking care of my car and we should have it running again within a week or two. The car still runs. We need to take some parts off in order to drive it. It’s all cosmetic.

I feel bad. She was so happy to drive. I really want to get her back behind the wheel soon and not be discouraged. Tom is going to take her out driving. Maybe she won’t be so nervous with Tom helping her?

In other news, I have new medication. I had to stop Clonidine since it drops my blood pressure too low. That was a hard month. I still have a few effects from having to withdraw from it.

Geez, Alexis is getting into all kinds of accidents recently. I was just pulled away to go look into Alexis’s new cut on her head. She fell on the ice and I guess someone else fell and she went along and got cut on the side of the head by an ice skate. She appears to be a lot better. Her head wasn’t bleeding too much and that cut looks pretty cool.. she has awesome clotting time. Her friends were taking care of her. The rink filled out an incident report and she is now sitting with her friends all surrounding her.

As I watch, I’m marveled about how intense the teenage mind is. It is either the best thing ever or the worst thing ever. When she is at her worst she believes she has no friends. As her mind cannot even think of how much her friends really do care for her and that she has friends. When she is at her best, she is on top of the world and there is nothing that can possibly bring her down. First or fifth gear. There are so many different gears in between.

*We are now on Tuesday*

I’m going to start with saying that the dosage change on the Oxcarbazepine is a doozy. I’m so sleepy. I’m fighting to not be knocked out and sleep. For PTSD and nightmares, I’m using Mirtazapine. I just started using it so I don’t know how it is yet.

Alexis seems to be doing better. She is hoping her wound on her head turns into a scar. She has a ‘battle wound’. /sigh  She had a good day yesterday. Her Mondays are usually pretty good. She and the rest of her drama class ‘stole’ some cake that was left out in the PAC lobby while they were doing their play rehearsal. It’s cool that their school has a Performing Arts Center, considering it’s a regular high school with no real Arts concentration.

Alexis was looking through my drawers yesterday for sweat pants that she can stick both of her legs into one pant leg “for the play.”  She was a bit disappointed, “Your pant legs are the same size as mine.” LOL, how big does she think I am? My pants won’t work for her. Tom said that they will look later for some bigger sweats that she can stick both legs in. She also has to borrow my favorite blanket and my onsie.

For the past two days Karissa has been up at 5am to ride into the city to school with Tom. She isn’t particularly happy about the 5am wake up call though she said she has gotten a lot done yesterday in terms of schoolwork. What else is there to do at school but do schoolwork? She is excited about her upcoming Spring semester where she is taking Anatomy again. It’s strange how she loves anatomy although she doesn’t want to do anything in that field. I know there are many things you can do with anatomy that does not involve becoming a doctor or nurse, which I know she has no interest in. Though, she does love editing. Maybe anatomy is a hobby?

Thanksgiving is coming! I won’t be home! Alex has a tournament in Denver, Colorado so I will be up there. We are  bringing along Karissa and Alexis so we can go see my Aunt Sharon and Uncle Gregg. I’m excited to see them. I don’t get to see family often. Ray and Leanna Charter came down to see us on their way back to Lancaster. That was awesome. I had fun spending time with them, and seeing the girls’ faces when they came home from school and saw that Ray and Leanna were there.

I can’t believe that 2020 is around the corner. I really do want to see Barbara Walters say, “I’m Barbara Walters, and this is 2020.” Come on, they have to make this happen! Haha.

That means that Krissy will be 20 and Lexi will be 17. I do sometimes wonder how Kevin thinks about how they have grown up?

I need to finish watching some videos on Linux Academy. Happy Thanksgiving! <3