It’s been a while

I have been notified (Thomas) that I have not written here in a bit. I just have been feeling the anxiety with writing. So many things have been happening lately, cause ya know, it’s 2020. And those things cause anxiety. This year has been testing my PTSD and anxiety to new levels. So, some things that have been on my mind, reading, watching, or whatever else pops up in my head as I’m writing this:

1. Cleaning the storage unit out. One forgets all the stuff they own when it’s been in storage for months. And I found my wedding dress and my senior graduation dress. Alexis took my senior graduation dress. I let her have it for her graduation. The dress fits her. She tried on my wedding dress as well, but it was a tad tight on her. If I remember correctly, I was 30lbs lighter than her when I got married. Yes, I was 75lbs when I was 19. I’m also only 4’ll. And my mom was always worried that I would get fat if I ate too much. Yes, I also think this contributes to my warped outlook on food and eating. This is why I try so hard to tell my girls to eat and enjoy food, but be mindful of your health. I also found Kevin’s winter BDUs (battle dress uniform). A few in green and one in desert color. The girls were happy to own them. We still have some cleaning to do this weekend in storage. Oh! I also found the novel I was looking for: my health record. My cardiologist has been wanting to look at that.

2. My love of stationery and pens is putting a crimp in any minimalistic ideas that I have. In storage, I also have found many more pens, markers, and other art supplies that I have forgotten I even owned. I have walked around Walmart and wished they had those huge pieces of paper hanging up like Michaels and Hobby Lobby have where you can test out all their pens and markers. Why don’t they have that? Yes, I know I will end up buying anyway cause I have a problem but it would still be nice. I saw a couple of stationery items that I want to get. The word ‘couple’ is a whole different term in my dictionary. I’ve also decided that I should start using my stickers in my planner/bullet journal. I have collected stickers for years. I should use them. They were all are stashed away with my scrapbook stuff. I took them out so I can start using them. Scrapbooking needs to start up as well. So many ideas run through my head on scrapbook ideas. Oh, I should be writing down these ideas. I have an idea! Ok, I have my grandma’s recipe cards. But they are fading. I want to write down the recipes and then laminate the cards.. cause we have a laminator and it needs to be used cause it looks fun… and have the recipe next to the cards. Kind of like in a folder or binder. Gotta write on this stuff down in a list…

3. I have more, but I’m getting tired and I will write more later. I was going to write something else here, but ya know… no. It doesn’t belong here and it’s bad karma and energy.

4. I like this purple. I think I will keep it. Good night all … er.. good morning actually! <3 Stay safe out there. Be happy and healthy.

Till next time…