Keep calm and do your homework..

Why does my oldest child ever have homework? Now, this isn’t a question that I have recently had. I have been asking this question to anyone whom would listen since she was in fourth grade. It’s a solo thing also! There are four kids in this house and only Karissa has been through years of no homework. She has maybe had a few days here and there of actual homework that she’s had to do. Mostly if it was makeup work, but no homework on a daily basis has been her school days. At first, I thought, “ok, maybe since she has IEP for her deafness she has somehow been immune to homework?” Her little sister has IEP also and has homework pretty much daily. The last few years, Karissa has had inclusion teachers to help her with schedules and making sure she was getting everything done. So many times she just finished the work at school. This doesn’t explain the years before or even this year. She doesn’t have inclusion teachers right now. When we have her IEP meeting we will discuss if she needs them or not this year. Though she still has no homework. I can’t even bitch about it to anyone, except here, because her grades are great this year. A’s and B’s. I even check her planner every day to see what she is doing at school. When I ask Karissa why she never has homework, she says, “I finished at school.” /sigh, okay.

I just remembered a few hours ago that I have therapy tomorrow. They never called today to remind me. Now I’m doubting my memory. I should not even go by my memory. I do have a business card with the time and date of the appointment and that is my only peace of mind right now that I have an appointment tomorrow morning. Shoot. My car doesn’t have much gas in it. I guess I will leave a bit earlier tomorrow. I don’t mind therapy, it just gets hard to talk sometimes. Like I said before, I sometimes disassociate while I’m in therapy cause of what we have to talk about. I also feel very tired afterward.