Mind boggling

Psychology has always been an interest of mine. I have taken classes in it just for the fun of learning more about the subject. I can’t help but analyze people. Whether I care to or not, it is second nature to analyze someone. It can just creep into my head at odd moments when I’m playing a video game or watching a movie. Even when the subject is someone that I wouldn’t necessarily care about analyzing, I may end up doing just that.

We are in a weird time. Which, by all counts, shouldn’t even be thought of as being a “weird time.” We have been through this before. Well, not “we” but the human race, our ancestors, have been through these times. The Spanish Flu in 1918 didn’t start in Spain. It was first discovered in Europe and was most likely spread to the States when the soldiers came back. It didn’t start in Spain but called the Spanish Flu because Spain was the first one to not cover it up and report about it to their country. When the pandemic slowed down, Pennsylvania decided to have a parade to celebrate. Hundreds and hundreds came out to see this parade and soon after, hundreds and hundreds came down with the Spanish Flu and died.

We are, of course, much better off than in 1918 due to medical and scientific advancement. Though, even then, I can’t see anything that would have suggested that someone would think that injecting disinfectants would do the trick in curing this virus. We have learned from the Victorian Era that we need to have different packaging of chemicals and foods because the chemicals are poisonous. We learned from the 50s that Lysol shouldn’t be used as douche cause it was poisoning women. (Yes, that was a real thing and Lysol had ads. They don’t now cause, well, it kills people.) In 1938 they made it a law that chemicals had to have warning labels. Then slowly but surely, many chemicals disappeared from the general market for it was too dangerous to be out in public. Our past was dangerous since no one knew better and had to learn. Usually by accident. And if you survived those times, well, you were metal AF. Or just very lucky.

So today has been very perplexing. For anyone would know the answer and to even merely suggesting an injection of dangerous chemicals into the body seems ludicrous.

This brings me to my analysis. I almost don’t want to do this, but it has been kind of bugging me all day. I’m going to start with narcissism. As someone who has lived with narcissistic people all her life, I can attest that this can be a narcissistic move. A big thing about gaslighting is that it isn’t exactly clear cut. The narcissistic person doesn’t necessarily have to be telling you that you are going crazy or that it’s always your fault for it to be called gaslighting. The mere point of gaslighting is to confuse you and make you think that it is you that is losing your mind. My ex would use this kind of gaslighting when he wanted something. I see it as mental exhaustion. He would come up with crazy ideas and say crazy things that I know that he couldn’t possibly believe. It would be so out there in left field that I swear he had to be joking. After many days of this, your brain wants to shut down. Then when it does shut down, he would ask or demand something that I would inevitably say yes to, just to stop my brain from frying.

I guess, yes, this is also manipulation and distracting. Distract someone so much that they will agree to whatever you say, and then by the time the person comes to some sanity, it’s too late. See, I know all the whys of this narcissistic move. I’m not even going to get into that. It’s just when my ex would pull these narcissistic moves, he was influencing me and inevitably my girls. I’m not saying that is ok, it wasn’t. It was a jerk move and he knew that. I’m saying that it was one person, and yes later three. While not kind, he did not have the followers he believed he had (which I found out later once he went to prison) and did not have any influential power over many people.

Though with this whole injection of disinfectants into the human body… for someone like this to say that when he has followers and can influence others, it’s very dangerous. It’s not just a jerk move, but one that can be fatal if someone truly believes what he says. So, this isn’t about whether this is a narcissistic move or if he, maybe (who knows), truly believes this. Which I really doubt. To say things like this can really hurt a lot of people. A person in that position has a lot of responsibility to not put his people in danger. Much how I, as a mother, would never suggest anything like this to my girls. Or anyone for that matter. For, I have a responsibility towards my girls to keep them safe. I would think that someone who has the responsibility of keeping his country safe would feel the same way, to not suggest something that would kill his country.