My mind is led astray

Hello! This seems like a slow week. Which is nice. I’ll be going to Colorado again this weekend. I believe this is my third or fourth weekend in a row going to Colorado. I almost feel like we should move to Colorado during the hockey season. Heh.

Gosh, last weekend was Alexis and me alone. Ya know that phrase, ‘curiosity killed the cat’? We all know not to go searching for more info. Well, that is especially something that I should never do. Specifically when it has to do with someone being hurt or in need of medical attention. Not because I’m cold and I feel I should stay away. No, because I get queasy very very easily. And what happens when I get queasy? I faint. Without a doubt. Even though I know it will happen and I think I can stop it… it will happen.

One of the girls on Lexi’s team broke their leg on the ice. I, being a dumbass, goes down closer to the ice to see what is wrong and if the girl is ok. I go back up to the benches and overhear some of the parents talking. I can feel my head getting hot so I quickly go up to the top of the bleachers at the tables and sit down and put my head down. I know what is happening and I think I can stop the process! The next thing I remember is opening my eyes and wondering why all these people are staring at me and why I’m on the ground. I fainted. Damnit! Completely humiliating and they called the paramedics. Double damnit!

I’m still laying on the ground and all I want to do is sit up because I’m feeling nauseous but they thought I was having a seizure and have me stay on the ground. I was able to look around and I saw this girl sitting by my stuff. I didn’t recognize her until I was able to get up. It was Alexis. The hockey game was postponed for a bit while the ambulance went on the ice and picked up her teammate.

The ambulance ride wasn’t too long. It started to snow! I do have to say that someone being able to put an IV into another person in a moving vehicle is pretty cool. Though I was a tiny bit nervous that the ambulance was going to hit a bump while I’m having a needle stuck in me. And four vials of blood? They needed that much blood from me?! I was in the ER for about an hour, I think… I didn’t have much concept of time during all this, as they took my vitals and watched me make sure that I was ok.  They gave me some saline and fed me.

While all this was all going on, Alexis’s team won in overtime, two to one. Which means they will be going to the championship game later that afternoon. Her coach took her back to the hotel room where Alexis packed up hers and my stuff and checked out. Out of all the kids, I think I felt much better that it was Alexis packing up everything and checking out, just because I know how OCD and thorough she is. I even posted a Facebook post earlier that morning teasing her about her thoroughness! LOL. I still have a hotel room key from there. Heh.

The coach then took Lex back to her team and fed her and then came to pick me up from the hospital. Little more drama than I cared to have. I tried to hide and dodge all the “are you alright” questions that I was getting when I came back. Alexis’s team got 2nd place in the Colorado Girls Hockey League Tournament, which is pretty damn awesome. We went to Shack burgers, or something like that, and headed home.

This weekend we will be in Alamosa for Chris’s tournament. Alex’s tournament in a few weeks will be here in New Mexico. My tongue is starting to feel better. I bit it when I fainted.

And, till next time, stay awesome!