On the road to organization.. again

I would think that with the amount of stuff going through my head every day that writing it all down should be easy. For some reason, what it’s in my head does not translate on paper very well. I am meaning to write more on paper also. Mostly because I’m to log my Ptsd and Cyclothymic symptoms and try to separate the symptoms and triggers. It is a bit overwhelming, but I’m trying to come up with a better-organized system for next year. I almost always try new ways to get me to do things, remember things, not become overwhelmed easily.. like a New Year’s resolution without calling it a New Year’s resolution. Since we all know what happens to New Year resolutions. Pretty much what happens to my new, organized systems to get around my life and head easier. It flies by me after a few weeks. I started my bullet journal early this year. Dragged out my old leather case from my scrapbook/art bag, and made it all look pretty. I just took a picture. It should be up on my Dropbox in a few and then I can add them here. I want to get a small notebook insert where I can add my journal/symptoms log. I want to get into the habit of bringing this with me wherever I go so I also have my todo list. For appointments, I will also add those to my calendar on my phone so I can get notifications.

I also started learning Python. Coding is fun. I started making some notes so I can reference them while coding on Codecademy.com.

My doctor gave me some medication for my Ptsd and Cyclothymia. I’m hoping these do more good than harm. I see him in a month to go over the medications and see if I need any changes. He didn’t give anything for anxiety yet. He wanted me to get started on the medications slowly. Especially with my nervousness about these type of medications.

Has anyone begun listening to Christmas carols yet? I have been getting my Christmas song list ready on Spotify. I’m teased about being early but I really love Christmas music.

The kids just came home from school. I need to get homework started. Be back later.