Opinions, 80s music and hockey

There needs to be a better WordPress app, typing up a post via browser is a bit of an annoyance. I’m sitting in McDonald’s having a Coke, cause seriously, my stomach doesn’t care for anything else at McDonald’s. Shame though, I do like some of its food. I’m waiting for Chris to get done with his pickup hockey. Also watching Tom debate stuff on Facebook. I can’t do that. I can’t debate things. I have my opinions, yes, but they are better left in my head. See, my head can express my thoughts, but the travel from my head to my fingers to the keyboard isn’t a smooth ride. I get too emotional and I have a hard time trying to get out what I say.

I’m afraid of judgements and reactions to my opinions also. My therapist says I should start out slowly with giving my opinions. I hate hurting feelings or openly disagreeing.

I found another problem with making a post via phone.. Autocorrect. Please phone, I know how to spell. I’m quite good at it. I can English. Stop autocorrecting me so much.

Where was I? Ahh, debates. Politics, sensitive subjects. My head has these long, drawn out discussions about what I read online. I’m not even supposed to read the news and I don’t voluntarily seek out the news. It comes to me in various ways; social media, word of mouth, overhearing others talk. Which by the way can only be done when I have my hearing aids on. The world is a loud place. I just can’t have these long discussions in another form than my head.

Talking is very exhaustive for me. Typing isn’t, but my anxiety prevents me from speaking my mind.

I’m in the car now heading to the ice rink. No, I’m not driving. I did drive my car today. It was nice. I just don’t care for driving long distances.

I go off topic a lot. So a long discussion will be even longer once I go through all the 50 topics going on through my head. It won’t be in order either. My head needs to interweave thoughts to give me a headache. Geez, I should probably write these thoughts out. If only I had a platform to do that on. Heh.

I’m listening to 80s music now. 😊

I guess if I were to give my opinions it would most likely be here and not on social media. There is just something about social media that I like to keep things light there.

I’m also still surprised that Karissa hasn’t made a Facebook page yet since she kept asking in the past. In a way it doesn’t surprise me. We told her that all her friends are on other platforms that she is already using. With her style of social media usage, Facebook just doesn’t seem like it would be her thing.

Circle in the sand
Round and round
Never ending love is what we’ve found
And you complete the heart of me
Our love is all we need
Circle in the sand

Belinda Carlisle intermission brought to you today by Spotify.

Still waiting for Chris. Don’t really mind. I’m just typing away on my phone.

Listening to Heart now. I sometimes think Tom puts on the 80s music for me cause there are times where he will just switch to heavy metal or rock or something else. Though I know he likes 80s music also.

I think Chris got lost in the locker room. Maybe he can’t find my car. The big red things. Looks like a Volkswagen Beetle. Heehee.

Now I must sing, ‘You’re the Inspiration’, at the top of my lungs.

Wilson Phillips, ‘Hold On’! Ohh, and Tom didn’t change the song on me! Score!

But he is pointing his fingers towards his head like a gun and saying that he can feel his penis shrinking and turning into a vagina. Nice.

Wow, Chris found his way outside and apparently found the big red thing on wheels staring right at him! And they say this generation has no hope.

I can end the post here or continue with the 80s music roundup. Some songs are more, um, I don’t know what’s the word.. I mean…

Physical, physical, Let me hear your body talk.

That means I sang along with the radio when I was a kid without knowing what the heck they were saying. /sigh

Oh, Tom has his phone out.. He changed the music. “Let’s cleanse our palates a bit”

What is on now? Civil War by Body Count..

It’s already started, maybe too late to stop
It’s already on, they shooting the cops
They pushing the line, racism is high

I told you the music will change once we start heading home. Haha. I now take up head banging. /headbang /headbang

The original name of Windows was Interface Manager.

Just thought I’d throw that out there for no reason whatsoever. 😊

On the freeway. Climbing up a 1000 feet. I always know when we leave the city at night… All the lights disappear and we are enveloped in darkness. Heading up the mountains.

Tom said we have cleansed our palates.

The moon is so bright out tonight! OK, so it’s a full moon, but it is really noticeable out here in the country.

We are about 15 minutes from home. I guess I will end the post here. If you made it this far, thanks for listening to my rambling. ❤️