Quarantine quest

Good evening ladies and gentlefolk. I have been watching so many history videos on YouTube. I think I have learned more in these past few months than I have during my whole school years. Much of it has been the 17th to 19th centuries. I should start going into the 20th and 21st centuries.

Last night we watched the movie, Jojo Rabbit. It was very interesting. So naturally I had to find the book that it was based upon… Christine Leunens’s Caging Skies. I looked it up in our county library and have it on hold in the e-book format. I still have yet to finish most of the Dresden File’s series and he has two books coming out later this year that I will have to wait on reading. The movie, Jojo Rabbit, does touch upon some very uncomfortable subjects. Though it does well on catching the psychology of “groupthink” and how easily the mind can be persuaded and molded.

This movie did make me think more about our situation now. Our quarantined lives are in no way at the level of the movie’s subject, yet the ending of the movie did make you see things in a different light.

We take in information all day without even noticing it all. Our brains are wired to just take in the important stuff and of course, the negative information. If we took in all the information we’ve received in a moment, we would have sensory overload. Being at home more we can slow down. Choose what we want to focus on and what information we would like to take in.

I have been wondering about what our new norm is? Will the world be like it was before? Do we have a new world with a new norm to get used to? What will we find more important now? What will seem frivilous and illogical? Being at home seems to have an uplifting note as a quiet space to reevaluate things.

Will we start choosing our own focus instead of letting mainstream guide us? The ending of that movie made me think of how it is just to feel free. No worries about the big problems and world and just to dance. To spy on the little things. Little things can bring you joy. To discover the small details that you once thought as mundane and see them another point of view.

This is a unique moment where your focus becomes your world; where you can discover something new. Perhaps even find a small detail or truth where it could have taken years to figure out otherwise. Maybe this unique time will help in finding a new perspective on yourself, your life, and your creativity.

I should be off to bed lest be up all night. I will speak again anon.