Random Sunday thoughts.. 

My goal of writing more should mean writing more than once a week, but I will get there. This is brought to you today by Evernote since the WordPress app does not save anything if by chance I need to be away from my phone and my phone goes to sleep. 

I’m at the rink again. Which I usually am every Sunday. Alexis has a two hour free skate after Chris’s sled hockey volunteer work. Then Tommy has a late hockey game tonight. 

The New Mexico Mustangs are starting up another hockey season soon. Alexis is pretty excited. I never really thought she’d be into playing hockey, but she likes it and has a lot of fun. 

Last Monday was my first counseling appointment. It was the assessment. Two hours and we aren’t finished with the assessment. I go back tomorrow. So far I have  a mood disorder, Ptsd, depression, anxiety and possible hypermania,  adhd or add. /sigh, tomorrow will be interesting. 

It’s hard to put my thoughts or the past into words. I like my doctor, she is good at helping me talk things out even though talking isn’t my strong point. I have heard before that a thought traveled through your brain which entices feelings of what you are feeling at the moment, so if you go back and think about what you thought of that created those feelings you would understand why you feeling the way you at the moment. 

Though my head doesn’t work like that. My moods change without warning. Without realization or real thought in my head. “What are you thinking?”, is a question that I hate. Sometimes I’m not thinking. My mood to change doesn’t need a thought. Now I do have mood changes from maybe smelling a certain scent or seeing something but I can describe that. Most of my mood changes, I can’t describe. I even started using a mood app to record my moods. I have used it sparingly for the last 5 days. I hope to make it a little more accurate as I go. 

Tomorrow I also need to bring my car in to get my tire patched. Found my tire flat this morning with a nail in it. The light has been on so I knew one of my tires had a problem. 

I feel like I’m rambling. I had more to write, but now my mind is blank on what to say. Hopefully this writing thing will become easier as I do it more.