Random Sunday

Geez, I haven’t written in here since last September! Oh, I keep getting challenge requests from friends on Fitbit. I miss my Fitbit. It stopped working many many moons ago. I’m in Pueblo, Co. Alexis had four hockey games this weekend. The Mustangs did awesome. We were going to head home today but Tom caught the stomach flu and is dehydrated, so we are staying an extra night.

Ok, what happened to winter in Colorado? It feels like summer here. I’ve been to Colorado many times throughout my life. Seen all the seasons. This is not a Colorado winter! Now I do know that the Rockies have their snow but it’s still weird feeling “warm” outside for this time of year. New Mexico has been hit by so many storms this winter, somehow Colorado has missed them.

I received an Instant Pot for Christmas! Now I need to find recipes. I wonder if it will be better or worse at making rice than with the rice cooker?

I’m trying to write and not be distracted by Tom flipping through Hulu on the tv. There are a few things I wanted to watch on Netflix, yet I never wrote them down so I forgot what shows they were.

Oh! I have started to write more in my journal..planner..todo list. I believe it’s called a bullet journal. I used to have notebooks of lists and writings and drawings when I was a kid. I wish I still had them. Lol.

So, I did not get to my goal for the Goodreads book challenge. Well, this is a new year and I will do this challenge again.

Lastly, I’m getting off here to watch ‘My So Called Life’ to remember the 90’s.