Rough week

I write so many notes in my Evernote on thoughts, ideas and feelings going around in my head but I don’t always get them in here in writing.

I’m happy that I had an actual chance/time to play Final Fantasy xiv last Friday. I did a quick level 50 dungeon with a bunch of sprouts (noobs). It’s always the noobs that ask if I can raise them. As a red mage in a level 50 dungeon, I can’t do crap but go pew pew pew and hit the monster with my sword. I can’t even heal myself at that level. I don’t think I have an AoE spell at that level. Do I? I think no because the last patch/expansion took that away from me. So pew pew pew it is. I should change to black mage on those levels. I then can at least burn everything.

I was then suddenly swept into a party by my guild and we farmed a few trials and dungeons until I was so hungry waiting for dinner that I couldn’t focus any longer.

It’s now Thursday. This has been a tough week for the high schoolers. They lost two friends due to a car accident last Tuesday. Our small community was hit pretty hard by this. They have such a small school. Around 700 students. So they really do have a sense of who everyone is. So much so that when a new student comes in, it’s immediately noticeable. Tom, Kelly and I have teased them from time to time how one class of our high school was bigger than their whole yearbook. Though I do love that they have a much smaller high school than we did. They stayed home from school yesterday. Today they are home because of a snow day. 

Albuquerque doesn’t usually get much snow. Especially over here at the colleges. I made that plural because UNM is right around the corner. Those here in the city that have a higher elevation or by the foot of the mountains have snow. Those around where I live have snow. Here, no snow. Yet today there is snow. It’s a light dusting since it doesn’t seem to be sticking here. I have broken one of my rules on not announcing the whereabouts of where I live. I don’t live in Albuquerque though. Just announcing a close whereabout is giving me an anxiety attack right now. What don’t I just delete all that? Alas, I cannot live in fear my whole life. I cannot give another so much power over me that I feel that I cannot be free. 

On another note. We have been without a dryer for a month.. going on almost two months How hard is it to deliver a dryer? First they needed to wait for it. Then it was delivered to the store so we have to wait for that! I think we had three or four times where we thought it was going to be delivered to have them email us and say ‘no, sorry. No dryer.’ It’s annoying when you have seven people that need to do laundry. 

I have more to write about, but I feel it should have it’s own post. So I will close this one and have another up anon.