Snow 1, car 0

My car is grounded. As in my Bug can’t make its way through the snow. My Bug got stuck twice in the snow yesterday. Twice. Both at home thankfully, though it is freezing outside to be digging my car out of the snow. Of course so many thoughts go through my head.. like my car would benefit from a lift kit. Which it totally would not because it absolutely defeats the whole cute Bug look and it does not matter if my car is higher off the ground. It would help some.. less chance of getting stuck maybe, though it does not get your car out of the snow. Snow chains? Snow tires? If we were having some polar vortex again; ok. For a few uses? No. Maybe even going Top Gear style and put one of those plow shovels on the front grill? That would completely give my car bad gas mileage and probably ruin its frame and engine.. cause my car cannot hold/pull that much weight. More horsepower won’t work because my tires would just spin. Four-wheel drive only helps to get out of the snow, though you can indeed still get stuck. I was thinking if your car was equipped with those sled bars and it would come down to help you slide in the snow.. ahh, car is probably too heavy for that. Maybe a button to press to melt the snow around your car?

I think I need one of those fold-able shovels.. of course I have a Bug and nothing. Really, practically nothing, fits in that Bug. Grocery shopping can be an adventure in that Bug. Though I love my Bug. It’s cute. It’s more of a car I should have gotten once my kids no longer had to ride in my car, but hey, it’s my Bug. In other news my arm get very sore at times from all the Slug-bug games.

I couldn’t go to the gym today because of the snow. Don’t get me wrong. I still love snow. Just the whole car + snow thing isn’t working out so well.

For my anxiety I’m told to focus on something. See, that is the problem I’m having is this “focusing” on things. Usually I’m doing a few things at once.. which is probably the root of this “focusing” problem. Right now I’m reading my textbook for my IT Governance class. The subject is interesting, although the reading isn’t so much. So I’m getting back into web design and taking up crocheting. Speaking of web design, I have this site, the one you are looking at right now, back up again. This is different from Karissaonline, the first website I did for family, for I’m still trying to find a focus for this site. I’m bored with this current layout. I will work on that later. Since Tommy has given me a “knitting patterns” calendar I have decided to start that also. I’ve crocheted once. I crocheted a straight line and didn’t know how to go any further. I was 16, so I’m hoping I have more patience now. This will be a slow process. I’ve almost forgot my interests. I know why, though I still ask myself why I went through this past 8 years without just getting up and leaving. I’m still mentally exhausted. Sometimes the simple things can be hard to do and so long for me to finish. I’m a bit anxious this month. So much to do. I finally started the doctor appointments for my girls. They haven’t had one in years since I was made to cancel their health insurance so he’d have more money. Yes, this goes into the category of “why the f*ck did I put up with this”.

Christmas was nice. The stove broke so we all went to a buffet at an Indian casino. 🙂 I really like their buffet. The crab legs were teeny tiny and more work than it was worth, although the rest of the meal was good. The best part was there were no mess.

I love my Christmas presents this year. I love the Lush gift set. I haven’t used the bath bombs or shower jelly yet and the demo at the store was intriguing. I have been using the shampoo, which I really like. It isn’t a shampoo that needs to be used every day. It makes the hair really clean and gets rid of buildup. Oh, and caution upon opening a Lush gift set.. the scent is strong.

The makeup came from my Sephora gift card shopping. I love Too Faced Cat Eyes palate. It’s nice to get back to wearing makeup. I stopped years ago. I can’t begin to describe how nice it is to not have to put on makeup a certain way, or at certain times of the day. To have my own opinion and not have to focus so much on what someone else wants. I haven’t used the blush and bronzer yet from Urban Decay. I also bought their Illuminated powder cause I secretly like the sparkle. Don’t tell my girls. I will most likely lose the powder to them if they knew I have it. The Lush lip balm is pretty smelling.. I like it.

I’m still looking for a place for my pretty new tea cup. Right now it is on my dresser in its hat box. Alexis gave me a penguin shirt and Karissa gave me a Grumpy Cat stuffed animal. 🙂 I have pictures. This may take a few as I try to remember my HTML.

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  1. Love it already honey. I like the fact that the font is bigger 🙂 and I can see it better. Love reading about your day(s) and the girls too. Love the pixs as well. I can’t wait to build my album. Love ya.