Snowflake browsers

For the first time ever I put a theme on my Google Chrome browser. I like it. It’s a winter theme. I also put falling snowflakes on my browser. Don’t judge me. I have always loved having falling snowflakes on my screen. I don’t do it on my actual computer because it takes up resources. The same with my phone.

I should get some sleep soon. Tomorrow, Kel and I, and the girls are headed up to Colorado. Alexis has hockey games on Saturday and Sunday. So we are heading down tomorrow since she has an early game on Saturday. I can’t wait. 🙂 I’m staying at my Aunt Sharon’s house tomorrow and my Uncle Gregg’s house on Saturday night. I’m excited to see my Grandma’s old house again. They sold it after she passed, but just seeing the house again is going to be great.

Packing today. Wow. It took me a few hours to pack. I really don’t know how I accomplish that? The initial packing was quick. The running around the room, anxiety and putting away laundry so I can get to my clothes I needed to and to keep the cats off my things so I can pack took forever. The kids came home from school before I was finished. The girls even packed quicker than I did. I don’t get it. I know my anxiety does get in the way of me doing things quicker. It is just infuriating. I used to help pack Kevin’s things for the field in about a half hour. Oh well. I will get back to being better at these things.. organizing, and just getting things done.

I really like watching these snowflakes falling on my browser. 🙂 It’s pretty.

Heading off to bed now.