Stabilizing my mood

My therapist’s appointment is in this tiny town, smaller than the one I live in. Drove to the edge of town… took about a minute or two. I stopped by this place called Mama Bears and had lunch. Three tacos and a coke for $5. I couldn’t really beat that. Of course, I wasn’t able to eat my third taco so I asked for a to-go box.

This place is busier than I’d expect in such a small town. Everyone knows everyone here. It’s a very family-ish feeling. It brings me back to when I lived in Babenhausen Kaserne in Germany. Our base was so small, 800 soldiers small. When the guys went to the field, it would be just us wives that worked on the base. Many others that didn’t work on base went home to the States for how long the guys were gone. The small towns around here kind of have that feeling. At the end of the last school year, I took the two high schoolers out for ice cream at Dairy Queen. Sitting there for 15 minutes, Chris and Alexis ran into three of their friends and I saw the local librarian having an ice cream.

I now have a mood stabilizer. I have been wanting something to help me with my moods since I was a teen. I’ve always had the ups and downs in my moods. My dad would say that I have mood swings, but it always felt that it was more than that. Not necessarily that something was wrong with me. However, my moods never felt normal. They would go up and down at such a rapid rate. I know I tease my kids about them being hormonal and emotional, it felt different for me back then. The moods never changed after high school. I would go on and for years it would be the same. My panic attacks started so early in my life. I thought that there was something wrong with my breathing since I would be breathing so fast. When I was in Germany I had so many asthma tests since I was so sure that I had asthma. It felt like asthma.

I really hope this medicine works. Just something to help me. I never really liked taking medicines and I still don’t. Though, if it can help me, then I will give it a try.

On lighter notes, I made chicken enchiladas tonight. I did find a recipe, though it called for tomato sauce. I’m confused about why there is tomato sauce in enchiladas. So I made it the way my dad and I used to make it. 🙂

I’m currently putting a new Linux operating system on my laptop. I hope I don’t mess this up. Hahahahaha

Lastly, I finally finished the main scenario quests for the Shadowbringers expansion on Final Fantasy XIV. I think this is the fastest that I’ve finished the main scenario quests after an expansion. 🙂