Being a GenX-er, I’d think that I was trained in the art of laying around the house and entertaining myself. I have found myself getting bored lately. I never really knew what that felt like. I mean, sitting down and reading or even organizing my dresser drawers, is cool with me. I like the task of organizing and cleaning at times. This Covid19 thing, that is interrupting the world, is a whole other level. I’m an introvert, a self-proclaimed hermit. I should have no problems with staying home and away from people. Heck, I have practiced social distancing for years. I’m surprised that my journal/notebook/planner/blank bound papers aren’t full of lists and such. I really should brain dump into those pages more often.

On the plus side, gas is $1.30 here. Probably less now. Yet, with no place to go. I have barely driven my car for about a month now. I think I have driven it a total of 8 miles this whole time. She does have an oil change tomorrow. Yes, at the dealership. Volkswagen felt the need to make the act of changing the oil in their cars complicated. For whatever reason, I don’t know. Well, I do know but won’t say.  However, she is complicated and needs her oil changed.

Everyone’s school is now online. Even Alexis is showing some difficulty in focusing on her work. She now looks forward to when her class has a video chat day. Keeping Karissa on a good sleep and eating schedule is still as much of a struggle as it was when she was a baby. She was never one to want to sleep nor eat. I know I shouldn’t be keeping tabs on her meals, but I worry since food isn’t something she thinks about. She has no problem with food or eating. She isn’t a picky eater. When she likes something, I’ve seen her put away more food than her sister can in one sitting. It’s that she seldom gets hungry. When she is hungry, she eats. Though this can be five hours after she wakes up and then six hours later. I just don’t think she eats enough. I find it crazy that she weighs more than her sister.

I think everyone is having trouble with their eating while on quarantine. I feel that I’m not getting enough calories in. Yes, I do have the same problem with not feeling hungry as Karissa does, I’m just more aware and try to track what I eat. Then sometimes I feel like I’m eating too much. Keeping the kids from snacking too much or having an entire meal for a snack is a good workout.

Speaking of workout; Tom wants to try to get the kids to have an hour of physical time during the day. We live in the country. There is no one around us. We have a sidewalk track on the street next to our house that no one uses. It has a pretty good incline that should get some of their energy out. Monday. We will try this out on Monday. I’d like to give them a heads up on this idea so come Monday, they will know what’s up.

Oh! Every Spring the birds make a next on our light sconce by the front door. And every Spring we get dive-bombed by the birds as we enter and exit our house. And every Spring we need to watch for the snakes (non-poisonous) that try to get to the nest and accidentally go into our house. So this year we have placed one of the kids’ super-soaker Nerf guns on top of the sconce to keep them from building a nest. They still build a nest on the super-soaker! Each morning and night we have picked up the super-soaker and took the nest off. I think Alex got dive-bombed by one of the birds this morning. Heh.

Oh! I almost forgot. We have cleared up the front yard and planning on growing a garden. I’m excited. Keeping plants and flowers alive isn’t my strong point but I want to learn how to garden. My favorite part about this is putting a fairy garden in. I’ve always wanted to put a little fairy garden in my yard. Yes, I’m 8 and I will have my damn fairy garden!

Another oh! I will attempt to organize my art supplies. At heart I’m a minimalist, I don’t like clutter, I don’t like THINGS. However, I have yet to find a way to be a minimalist and still be a craftsperson. I also will have to use these said art supplies instead of having this anxiety that I have developed over the years when it comes to doing my past hobbies. I will also attempt at organizing my beauty and makeup stuff. Although I have minimalized my makeup wearing and eventually stopped since it was no longer about me. I feel that I should see what I have, organize it. Actually wear it without feeling that I need to have a reason to wear makeup.

In other news, my cats love my mousepad way too much. The picture on Facebook and Instagram to come anon.

Stay safe. Stay healthy. Stay home.