Sunday ramblings

There is a post sitting in the, I guess it’s called the post area of WordPress. It’s one of my longer posts that takes more thinking on my part. This, right here, is my quick-posting-in-a-few-minutes post. My days have been a bit blurry. Running into one another and spilling into another day. I swear my Todoist app is one big running task list. Just keep changing the day of that task sir, yep, one day we will catch up! I have people to call tomorrow. I don’t care for the phone and try to ignore it at any cost. I use my phone for everything other than what it is originally used for… to call people. The anxiety that builds up as I stare at my phone and come up with other things to do that takes me away from that wretched phone. Oh, something shiny!

I have started my planner for next year. I assume the sooner I get started on next year this year will be over. I even have appointments until February of next year. Speaking of that appointment; I need ear surgery. My ear infection has decided that it wants to stick around. So I see the ENT doctor every two weeks and he tells me stuff to do to help mitigate the pain in my ear, while I call the ear surgeon every week for an appointment that is much sooner than February. I swear I have cholesteatoma again. I don’t know. It just seems weird that this infection won’t go away that easily. I can’t even remember how many times I’ve been put on antibiotics and how many times I have done an antiseptic rinse on my ear. By the way, that antiseptic rinse is the weirdest feeling thing to do to your ear. I need oral surgery also. I still have a molar or two that needs to come out. Although I’d like my ear to be taken care of first. I guess I can have the appointment to check on everything and arrange for my surgery to be done after I know exactly when my ear surgery will be. Normally, I don’t like ear surgery and I’ve lost count on how many times my right ear has had surgery on it. I have a scar behind my ear which they have used over and over again for my ear surgery. It’s like a line that says, “cut here.” I wonder if they will shave part of my hair? It depends on the doctor. I have had a few that shaved and a few that have not shaved around my ear. I remember my surgery when I was ten. The doctor came in and said that he isn’t good at cutting hair and that is when I found most was shaved off. Although the top part of my hair wasn’t shaved so it covered the bald spot. The next annoying part of having ear surgery? You can’t shower. You have to bathe. You can’t wash your hair for a bit. /sigh

Christmas is almost here! Yay! Ok, I’m heading to bed now. 🙂