Sunday thoughts. (or trying not to use up my data) 

I have a bandaid on my thumb. Since I’m mainly a thumb-typing person, this bandaid is a bit annoying. Cuts on my fingers take the longest to heal. 

Sitting in the ice rink trying not to use data. They have a network here and the wifi used to work, now, not so much. I even brought my iPad. It was lonely since I don’t use it much. Of course, I factory resetted it and all the apps need internet. 

I haven’t wrote in so long that I’m rusty. Usually my thoughts just flow and I’m rushing to type fast enough. Years of not writing hinders that. I’m still trying to find my way back to, well, to myself. I have always had some sort of depression. Never thought much of it cause it was pretty tolerable and didn’t stop me from doing much. 

Guess with dealing with so much that it has been getting harder to get through. Just trying to keep up with life, friends and interests is getting harder. The doctor has given me a referral to see a medical counselor about long term depression, anxiety and ptsd. It’s hard to think that I have ptsd. Mostly because I associate that with soldiers who have come back from war or hardships. I don’t like to think that I’m in some way in need of help. Though when your 17 year old is coming up to you every day, asking if you are ok and if I have eaten or need anything done.. I guess it’s time to get some help.

Even right now. I’d like to wrote more. Though my mind is blank. My thoughts feel blocked.