That’s awkward…

Tommy has once again reminded me that I have not written in a bit. Maybe I should write a whole blog post on makeup. That is totally doable. Or skin care. Or organizing or writing. Oh, wait, the subject of writing isn’t something I have a lot to say about lately.

Tom’s parents came to visit on Sunday. It was nice, it didn’t last too long. My anxiety did get the best of me at the beginning. Suddenly wishing I was some emo teenager that no one wanted to bother and allowed to hole themselves up in a dark room. I did try to hide out in the office for a bit until I was ushered out into the living room to “socialize” with everyone. I simply cannot socialize well. Having social anxiety and being painfully shy just does not allow me the will to speak to others.

Having to speak during dinner has got to be the worst. Especially when you are eating messy foods. So here I am eating corn on the cob, smothered with butter, and I’m being asked questions. I have to answer these questions while ever so eloquently wiping the dripping butter off of my chin before I speak… and hoping that I don’t have food stuck in my teeth. It’s horrifying. I envy those that have no care in the world that they have food all over their face while speaking. I can’t do it. When I go eat out I always make sure I have “neat” food. The food that does not cause a mess or messy to eat. The kind of food where I can slowly eat with a fork and does not require me to use more than one or two napkins.

I am being summoned to help brush my girl’s hair. I love brushing their hair.