This year is almost up

My cat has finally decided to get off my mousepad and let me back onto my computer. She actually pushed my mouse aside and sat on my mousepad. If Google devices only start listening when you say “Okay Google,” then how does the device know when you say “Okay Google?”

I got a solid state drive for Christmas. My computer is all set to be wiped and the OS reinstalled. Every time I set my computer up to be wiped, I feel weird getting back on it and using it before it’s wiped. It’s like cleaning up the kitchen to prepare it for cooking and then using the kitchen for something else prior to the actual cooking. So the fact that I’m on here now, writing, feels very odd and out of place. So much so that once I’m done here I’m going to turn off my computer until it is ready for my SSD installation.

Sandy is still on my desk. I took a pic and posted it on social media.

I feel like having some pumpkin pie…

Oh! My car is finally getting its butt fixed! lol.. I do hope I have my car back before the end of this year. Or at least before the end of the kids’ Christmas break.