Tuesday updates

It’s only 10 pm and I’m sleepy. Having a bit of an anxiety attack. Let’s see if I can just write it out. Heh, ride it out… write it out. I crack myself up!

So I have been practicing with creating web servers on Linux lately. The first one I created, on CentOS 7, took me 5 hours to do. I documented what I needed to do after that. The second server I created took 20 minutes. I’d like to create one for a website, mostly this one, but I want to practice more. I created a web server on Ubuntu and installed Nagios, a monitoring software, today. That took me two days of creating and destroying servers because the instructions were crazy confusing.

Tom, Kelly and I went to see Garth Brooks in concert at the Broncos Mile High Stadium. I’ve never been to that stadium before. It’s bigger than I thought it would be. We drove up to Colorado on Saturday, the concert was Saturday night. We took the train up to the stadium. Eighty-four thousand people were there. More than half were drunk. Some were drunk before the concert… we know because we rode the train with them. Haha! The energy was crazy and it was an awesome concert. We had a helicopter circling us all night recording the concert.

I think leaving the concert was the craziest time we had actually. It started raining as we were walking to the train and decided to stand under the concrete railroad to keep dry and watch everyone herd over to the train. We weren’t about to catch pneumonia as we waited for the train. Have you ever seen thousands walk to a train station? It looked like a herd of people. In the rain. I think we waited for over an hour. I lost track of time by then. We were the second to the last group that got onto the train. So many people packed onto these trains that we had to stand up for most of the ride home. Kel and I got to sit down one stop before ours. We got back to the hotel after 2 am. We were so hungry but sleep won us over. We didn’t even care that we were starving. I tried to read for a bit before bed. That didn’t happen since I fell asleep within five minutes of hitting the pillow.

I’m surprised my feet didn’t hurt later that morning when we woke up. The drive home seemed a lot faster for some reason. We only stopped once, we just wanted to get home.

I’m so sleepy right now. A bit of a headache too.

The weekend before we went to Texas for the Linux Fest. It was a lot of fun. I learned a lot. I didn’t know what to expect from there since it was my first time going. We left on a Thursday morning and arrived in Dallas that night. We saw the Texas Rangers vs the Kansas City Royals at the Globe Life Park. They are building a new stadium that will have a roof right next to Globe Life Park. It was a good game. The Kansas City Royals won. I’m actually starting to understand the game beyond my knowledge of a bunch of guys hitting a ball with a stick and running to bases.

After we headed to In and Out Burger. It’s kind of cool to visit since we don’t have In and Out Burger in New Mexico. I never really went to In and Out much when I lived in California, but now that I don’t live in California anymore… it’s a treat. We visited twice during our stay in Texas. Of course, we had Texas BBQ and ate at this Asian buffet with a smorgasbord of different cultural food. It was mainly Asian, but it had a mix of different foods. I mainly ate sushi and crab legs.

The Linux Fest is what gave me the idea that I really want to create a web server and learn more about Linux. I still find it a bit overwhelming but I can do this.

Final Fantasy xiv’s new expansion Shadowbringers will be out soon. I’m ready. I have my carbuncle slippers. I will show a picture on Facebook later this week. If anyone is interested in playing, contact me and I’ll send you a recruitment code. 🙂

It is finally warming up here. Of course, as we are all loving the nice weather, we don’t really want it to get that hot. It was 83 degrees today. Not too bad.

Alrighty. I think I will end this post and read a bit before bed. Good night all!