Where do I start in my writing…

With therapy, I’m to talk about much of my past, or traumas, or whatever anyone likes to call it. Journaling is supposed to be a way to get things out. The problem is that I don’t like to talk about things and would rather keep all that stuff in the dark, dusty part of my brain. Apparently, that is bad for you. Although I never know how to begin to talk about things. How does one start talking? I have watched many extroverts in how they begin their conversations. As it is very natural to them, for when I try it just comes across as unnatural. I guess unnatural for me.

I guess I can begin with talking about my diagnoses and go from there. Ya know, the plural form of diagnosis always looks like it’s spelled wrong to me. I always sit there and wait for that red line to appear under the word. Another thing that drives me nuts is that I originally typed “spelt” which is correct in British English though wrong in American English. /sigh.

This will most likely be a long post, so I think I should split the posts up. Especially since I need to be getting to bed very soon. Lately, I have been feeling like I’m not getting enough sleep. More so than usual. Crazy thing is, is that I have no problem getting to sleep. My quality of sleep is wishy-washy. I have medication to help with my sleep. I call it my anti-nightmare medication.

My cat has just jumped onto my desk. I currently cannot see what I’m typing. I’m guessing this is where my knowledge of typing without looking at the keyboard comes in handy. I should add a pic of this. Sandy wants me to scratch behind her ears. I just don’t feel like having cat hair up my nose.

My bed is calling me. Ok, so tomorrow I will start on this. Not sure which one to start with? Maybe PTSD and the events surrounding that. So, tomorrow it is. I have set an actual date where I will talk about things. I’m going to try my hardest to keep this writing thing up also. Till tomorrow.. goodnight all!