Yes, I’m ok. I think…

Why do scones tend to be dry? Is this a thing? Why is this a thing?

Yesterday’s mail included the high schoolers’ date and time they are to get their schedule. I’m excited for them. I also feel a bit more overwhelmed that school is about to start again. Not that this summer has been very relaxing. Haha. So they will have their schedules at the end of this month. Karissa has her college schedule for the Fall semester. Karissa’s back to school things are taken care of by her financial aid and I think I’ve already spent enough money on clothes for her that she will be good for some time. She does have money, but Tom and I took her clothes shopping for her birthday. Maybe I will have her buy some good walking shoes. She really did score this semester; all her classes are in the same building.

After my assessment with my therapist yesterday, my Cyclothymia has been upgraded to Bipolar I. She is afraid that the medication I’m on maybe raising hypomania and increasing depression. It may also be affecting my sleep. Sleep has been awful lately: 2 hours, 4 hours. Last night I slept for 5 and 1/2 hours, so I do feel somewhat better today. Another reason is that my PTSD has been triggered a lot these past few months, which has been making things difficult and my anxiety has been worse.

I think I’m doing ok today. It’s nice outside and I only have a few things on my todo list today. Maybe I will get my pencils out and draw something today. Read a bit more about water painting that I want to take up.

I zoned off a bit. Focus isn’t the easiest thing for me. I’m going to publish this now since I’m having trouble putting thought together. Till next time folks…

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