I’m just happy that I wrote something today!

I keep thinking it’s October, but it’s still September. My computer is already decked out in Halloween aesthetic.

Does everyone here celebrate Halloween? I do have some friends and family who don’t celebrate it. I believe it’s the act of celebrating the dead or dressing up as witches or devils that somehow let those demons enter our realm of reality. It’s hard to talk about. I’ve always loved fantasy stories with characters such as witches or fairies. I know some history of witches, faes, etc. I don’t know. The way we celebrate Halloween now is more of a kids’ type play. They dress up as crazy characters and collect candy. The more serious celebrations are a celebration of those loved ones who have passed on. I’m guessing I don’t like being told I’m somehow evil or something for liking Halloween. Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk. Haha.

Onto other things… I’m feeling better from my gallbladder extractions a few months ago. The whole experience was alright. The wounds healed quickly. The massive bruising my abdomen decided to spring upon me took a little over a month to clear up. Then my eczema decided to break out all over my abdomen. And that is still healing; which is almost clear. Tom just had his gallbladder taken out and seems to be healing nicely.

Both of my girls are now in college. It’s a different experience for me. But as it is, they will more or less always need me. Tom and I have made many trips to Portales to help Lexi’s transition into college. I’ve started reviewing restaurants on Google since I’ve been going to so many lately. Just wait until hockey starts for the boys. I want to start using Yelp since I’ve already started reviewing on Google.

If anyone has ideas on how to write more or how I can overcome the shyness and anxiety of writing, please tell me!

‘Till next time,


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